What Is An Impact Wrench Used For And The Common Mistakes Made

What Is An Impact Wrench Used For

Impact wrenches are a great instrument to have when other types of wrenches are not working. So, you should know what is an impact wrench used for? It does not matter whether you are a professional or an amateur. Everyone of a certain age can work with this. At times, you will notice that a regular wrench cannot do some work. They are incapable, and this is where impact wrenches become a handy tool. They have better force, power, and grip than the ordinary ones.

Say for, if you are using a simple wrench, it may take hours to complete a primary task. Nobody wants to waste too much time fixing only a single thing. Also, if the job is hard, there are chances that you may break the tool or injure yourself. The impact wrench makes it easier and faster for those who seek effective and efficient work. Both a professional and a home person can use this. The tool provides high torque power with low speed. So, you can remove or adjust the nuts and bolts. The tool is best known for its hammering action. It comes in many sizes which make it more attractive to use.

What Are The Types Of Impact Wrenches?

First of all, you need to know there are different kinds of impact wrenches. Each type has different abilities. To answer the question what is an impact wrench used for, you need to understand the types. Below, I explained three of the wrenches.

Air Impact Wrench

Compressed air powers the wrench. So, you will need a big air compressor to generate the power. It is the oldest model of the impact wrench. Till today, many people prefer this over other impact wrenches. It is a potent tool used for heavy duty work.

Electric Impact Wrench

Electric impact wrenches work similar to air impact wrenches. They fall into two categories. One is corded, and the other one is cordless. Nowadays, the corded ones are not easy to find. But some renowned manufacturers make this. They run on electricity. You just have to pluck it in an electrical socket for power generation.

Lithium-ion batteries power the cordless wrenches. These are rechargeable and provide much better power than any other batteries. The tool is excellent for performing less heavy duty works. Also, it is more mobile than the corded ones.

Hydraulic Impact Wrench

The wrench is powered by hydraulics only. You need hydraulic fluids and motor to run the tool. It builds tremendous torque power. So, large manufacturing or construction sites only use this with hydraulics setup.

What Is An Impact Wrench Used For?

Many of us wonder, what is an impact wrench used for? If you have to work for the whole day, you can use this wrenches to make your job easier. In this article, I will explain in details about the places where you can use this tool.

Construction Or Manufacturing Sites

When building a house, you need massive pillars to support it. They need nuts and bolts to stay fixed in the position. Impact wrench helps to put them in the bars without any hassle. If you want to do this with a regular wrench, then you will fail. People who work in manufacturing sites may use this to make their jobs easier. It needs more force to loosen or tighten nuts or bolts of various machinery.

Home Jobs Or Repairs

You can secure a shelf, bed, wooden stuff or bike brackets with this. An impact wrench can drill through wood or metal. They are best for home jobs. But you must keep in mind that if you do not need high pressure, it is best not to use the high powered ones. Since there are chances, you may break the thing you are building or repairing.

Car Repair

Sometimes you may face difficulty replacing a tire with a regular wrench. What is an impact wrench used for if not for such problems? It will take seconds to open a tire and replace it with a new one. It will tighten the nuts of the tire which will ensure you that it will not fall off.

Auto-Mechanics Stores

Auto-mechanic stores use this tool for making the work easier. They can perform heavy-duty jobs with the greater amount of torque with lesser time. People who work in garages will find this useful, as they can remove parts from the vehicle. The tight bolts become nothing to them. After their work is complete, they can again fix it back to the original position.

Common Mistakes Made While Using An Impact Wrench

An impact wrench is not always easy to use. There are chances that you will make mistakes. It may result in huge problems. Here are some of the problem you should know about.


You should not tighten too much. There may be problems if the bolts or nuts are tighter than the manufacturer's recommendation. It may cause danger to you. So, read the instruction before tightening them to stay on the safe side.

Using wrong accessories

There are chances that you may use regular sockets. Impact wrenches need different outlets. If you use the regular ones, it will wear out quickly.

Wrong sized wrench

There are possibilities that the size you need to use is not the size of the of the wrench. You bought a different. It cannot perform the task correctly. A smaller one may not fit whereas a bigger one may put too much pressure.

Wrong type of wrench

There are chances you bought a different kind of wrench. Say for you are in an area where there is no electricity. An electric impact wrench is useless over there. Also, if you bought an air impact wrench without a compressor, then it will also go in vain.

Final Words

In the end, I would say what is an impact wrench used for is no more a question for you. You should buy the one that best suits your need. If you want to do DIY work, then you should not go for hydraulics impact wrench. They are best suited for large manufacturing or construction sites. Also, it is not mandatory to be a professional to use this excellent tool. Even if you are an amateur, you can use it. But, remember to keep it always from the children as it is hazardous to them. If I have to suggest, I will choose according to my need.

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