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Hand tools are much like extended version of our hands. Whenever we wrong use our hands, we feel pain. In a similar way, while we misuse our hand tools, there is a strong possibility of injuring ourselves as well as people work around us. Actually, it’s a professional threat and unfortunate incident can happen at any job.

Around 8% of injuries can cause by hand tools. Saw, pliers Set, hammer,and chisels may look harmless but this care-free style of using hand tools can cost a lot. However, improper use of these tools can reason of potential loss of their limbs, eyesight, fingers, and even their lives.

So, do not become another statistic. Take proper safety when using hand tools can minimize the injury number and helps to do the job faster.

Safety Rules of Hand Tools

Choose the Right Tool

Using the appropriate tool for the specific job is the first step in secure hand tool use. Every toolis designed for particular purposes. Using the same tool for multiple tasks, you might think you’ll save time.But no, you might increase the chance of injury.

Each hand tools have come in different shapes, styles, and sizes suited for specific functions. That is why you’ll find screwdrivers with multiple tip styles, length, and pliers with various head shapes. Any inappropriate selection of tools can lead you inthe wrongdirection. Like: sheathed tools are best for electric work while long-handled tools are more appropriate for more leverage.

Furthermore, repetitive work with hand tools can lead you to the muscles, joints, and nerves pain. So, choose an ergonomic design for more comfort and efficient performance.

Bear these points in mind,

  • Select a tool that fits your hand
  • Look at the gap of tool handles to improve your grip
  • Full hand power grip is more secure over finger grip
  • Avoid tools that might cut your hand while gripping

To avoid personal injury as well as tool damage, choose the right tool to do the job safely. Follow these suggestions to get a better idea of the right tool you need for your job.

Use the Appropriate PPE

PPE (PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT) is a mandatory item. You may not need protection when you’re using a manual wrench. In case of a hammer, saw, drill and other powered or non-powered tools required the PPE equipment.

Remember, all PPE should be free from tears and holes. Plus, it needs to fit well. A serious complaint about gloves is that it’s very hard to move. It does not provide one size that fits all. Offering exact gloves is difficult as it lacks hand protection is a cause of serious injuries.

Use Tools Properly

Sometimes right tools can harm you if you’re not using them correctly. Misusing tools is not only risky, but it also resemblance lack tool safety and lack of respect for those around you. Even, improper use of too can lead you to an accident and will impact on the entire job.

Read the general safety instruction before using the tools. Additionally, follow these suggestions,

  • Always cut bolt, wire, and other materials at a 90-degree angle so that damaging the edges of the blades will be avoided.
  • Don’t give too much pressure on cutting surface because it may fail of cutting knives.
  • Keep your wrist straight while using the tool.
  • In using heavier tools, hold your elbow low and a little bent.
  • To secure your work use vises.
  • Try to avoid inappropriate position which can injure you back

Identify the Safest Tools

Quality tools are safer than flimsy low-cost models.We all know personal well-being is worth investment than anything else. So, before using check each tool for hazard or damage. Inspect the lack for instancemushroomed head-on impact tools, clefts in handles, or worn-out springs etc. If you notice any part of tools is damaged, try to replace it rather fixing because this modification can prove dangerous for you.

However, to maintain their quality, clean and store them in a dry place after using them.

Protect Your Body

Do not start the work until you wear the protected gears includes hard hat,goggles, steel-toe shoes, and gloves etc.whenever you’re using a hammer or saw make sure you wear eye protection like goggles. Also, gloves can provide you a good grip protection of your hand from cuts. Sometimes you may need to work without gloves that are okay if the job required it. But at that time you need to be more cautious. If you’re hand get oily in that time it’s very difficult to hold the tool properly which may lead to a worse injury.

Furthermore, if you’re using cutting tools like saw, surely keep your body safe from the cut. Unexpectedly, the plank that you are cutting can break and saw can straightly drive into your legs and can cause serious fatal injury.

Use High-quality Tools

Invest in well-designed tools for making professional’s workeasier and safer.

  • When you need additional leverage, use high-quality pliers. It’ll offer you more gripping and cutting power than a conventional one. Even for repetitive work, this can work amazingly.
  • Side and diagonal cutting pliers are designed for heavy duty work. In cutting screws, hardened wire,ACSR, and nails use the specific pliers that are suggested for that use.
  • For twisting wires knurled jaws shows excellent gripping action.
  • Fetch hardening on cutting blades adds more lifespan, so the pliers can cut cleanly day after day.
  • Handles with dual-molded provides comfortable and softer grip.
  • Sometimes high-quality tools come with contoured thumb area for more firm grip and color-coded for easy identification.

High-quality tools are a pleasure to use. They provide professional results and save time.

It’s Simple to Remain Safe

Safety is not a complex thing but it needs to be taken significantly to reduce injuries.The simple suggestion of safety when using hand tools can create the major distinction between fit hand and trip to the emergency room.

In this article, we have covered the safety when using hand tools and treat them with respect issues. Always remember well-being is essential for better performance. Think again and again about safety when you begin a job and perform your work safely and effectively.

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