How 5 must have tools for mechanics could save your time and money

Must Have tools For mechanics

When it comes down to the repair of your giant Pajero other fixation of your brand new four wheelers, calling the mechanic or auto shop is not always the only option. There are some tasks and regular maintenance of your car which you can always do on your own, if you have the minimum knowledge and the essential tools. Fixing your car issue-son your own will not only save your valuable time and money, but it will also have your confidence boosted up even if something breaks.

For the maintenance, you won’t need a huge toolbox like the ones of the mechanics. The tool set of an auto mechanic will always be different from the one of a DIY guy.

Again, if you are a professional mechanic, you must have gone through the never-ending “who’s got the best tools in the garage” battle. Some guys will always be there with the fully organized snap-on tool chest with all the possible add-ons on it, or you will be with the incredibly useful tools or the brand new and improved impact gun. Sometimes some tools seem to be nothing but simply a waste of money, but there will be some times when they can be real lifesavers too. So if you want to brag about your tools, or if you just want your tools to ease your everyday struggle with rusty bolts and very little space to work, you should consider an entire list of some time and money saving tools every mechanic should have. Those mechanical tools and their uses will be our main discussion.

Socket Set

A socket set mostly comprised of a ratchet (commonly known as a socket wrench) and sockets of different sizes. Another popular name of the socket set is box spanner. In this case the term gets changed to ’box’ for these cylinder-shaped sockets. A socket set is a handy tool loosening or tightening nut-bolts of varying sizes.

Socket Set

A socket set is undoubtedly one of the must have tools for mechanicsyou'll need most during your mechanical works. Standard and metric sizes of the socket wrenches, 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch, and even 1/2-inch sockets will be included in a perfect socket wrench set. Some extensions and slim bordered sockets will also come handy in different scenarios.

If you like to do your mechanical maintenance on your own or have a mechanical workshop, a socket wrench set will become a handy equipment to have around the house. You just need to know how the different parts of the set work, know how to identify which parts to use for certain projects, andwhich factors to consider.

Pliers and Wire-cutters

  1. Pliers come in a variety of sizes. It is their uses thatdiffer them from each other. You can do a whole lot of things like twisting or cutting wires, grabbing round shaped rod and what not! These tools are perfect for combination tasks. A user must keep in mind to use the proper pliers for the proper job to increase the mechanical advantage.
Pliers And Wirecutters

Pliers are useful for a lot of electrical works during mechanical projects.Setting a stereo head unit or wiring new headlights are the tasks which will need the assistance of a plier or a woodcutter. Wire cutters and strippers will also be required to accomplish the job successfully.

Torque Wrench

 A torque wrench is another important inclusion in your must have mechanic tools for repair work. It is widely used to get a precision in the work like tightening to a specific load. Doing this means the nut/bolt won’t come out or loose and will hold tight. Use a torque wrench for critical fastening work on your vehicle like tightening camshaft/crankshaft pulley bolts, big end bearing bolts, main bearing cap bolts, holding down bolts, connecting rod bolts & for other ball joint studs.

Torque Wrench

Most of the beginner mechanics make the same mistake by not setting nuts to the proper torque. They always overlook the fact that if excessive torque is applied to a nut, that can make the bolt to split off and also gets pretty much tough to remove. To avoid this, you should use a torque wrench with a clicker to tighten it just perfectly. You need to turn the bottom handle and make the top of the wrench same as the torque marked on the tool. Once you hear two-clicks, that means you have tightened it to the accurate torque.

Another very important reminder is that don’t use a torque wrench ever in order to remove draw nuts. Instead you can use an impact wrench or also a breaker barcan be used. Otherwise therewill be a chancethat you will hassle up the settingsofthe wrench.


A wrenchis one of those must have tools for mechanics that is particularlyused to turn or rotate objects (such as rotary fasteners) by applying a certain amount of torque pressure. Gaining a strong grip is another benefit of using wrenches. Basically there are 2 types according to shapes; the ring type & the open-ended type. Other mechanical terms such as pipe wrench, spanner, adjustable spanner & monkey wrench are also there to identify and differentiate the uses of these tools.

Wrench set

If you consider the most essential tools to be included in your mechanical set, a wrench set will be one of them. Like the set in the picture, this ratcheting wrench set featuring an open-ended side and a ratcheting box end is always preferred and found effective in any type of mechanical task. So you won’t need to remove the wrench on each turn.


A screwdriver is a tool, manual or powered, for driving or removing screws. You will find a typical simple screwdriver with a handle, a shaft and a tip which the user puts into the screw head to turn it. Usually, the shaft is made of tough steel so that it can resist bending or twisting.


A screwdriver set is a must have tool for mechanics. But for DIY mechanical job or fixing your car problems, you should collect some more. You need to find a larger Flathead that can work better as a small poking tool, one with a star head to tighten or loosening nails, and those very small oneswhich are perfect for any kind of electronic task.

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