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Impact wrench VS Impact driver

Have you ever faced any problem while loosening the eroded screws in their right position? Well, In this case we need the help of best tools to get the job done perfectly. A perfect impact driver or impact wrench can be our best pick in such situation. These two actually come with the perfect torque for completing several applications smoothly.

In the back, the two power-wrenching options for impact drivers were regular electric drill and torque wrench. The electric drill was for general driving and drilling while on the other hand the torque wrench was for automotive repairing.

After that the compact, handy yet more powerful impact drivers came into being which stood out the market with its user-friendliness. People found a more convenient and light machine.

If you want to trace the differences between these two, you will find these two almost the same apart from a few differences. If you would like to get the top performance out of these necessary tools, you need to know the differences precisely. Down below, impact wrench VS impact driver and some definite situations of these tools’ effective performance will be our main discussion.

Impact Driver vs impact Wrench; What’s Your Pick???

In comparison to weight, impact wrenches are more powerful because they are heavier and they can put into more torque than impact drivers.

What are impact wrenches used for?

The basic work is to loosen or tighten bolts and screws. These wrenches basically use ¼” hex drive and ½” square drive. You can use an adaptor to convert between the two drives. It always sets a mechanical advantage no matter the type of bolts you are working with.

How much powerful impact wrenches are compared to impact drivers?

To be precise, the impact wrenches are lot more powerful than impact drivers we use. An example can best suit for the reader’s understanding. The Milwaukee M18 ½” impact wrench is one of the most powerful ones because it roughly delivers a torque of roughly 13,000 lbs which is more way better than a driver.

The amount of torque we are discussing are simply useless for in-house jobs, unless you are working on a truck in your compound. Impact drivers come out nicely to accomplish the job efficiently in comparison to standard drills. But when it comes down to drilling holes or driving bolts, impact wrenches will be outrageous. In the automobile shops, where loosening huge, highly tightened sockets often produce supersonic, high pitched drilling noise, these high performance impact wrenches are used there almost exclusively.

While you are using a regular socket wrench in order to loosen a stuck bolt, you may not remove it on your own. So you will require a hammer, with which you will slightly strike the bolt and it will automatically become loose. If you have no idea how impact wrench and driver works, this is how they are driven. Unlike just spinning of the regular drills, they function in the same way of delivering cyclic blows in order to maximize the torque. Go through the below passage to learn more in details about impact wrench VS impact driver.

Handling to it

Yeah! Handling is one very critical factor to concentrate when you are going to learn about impact wrench VS impact driver. The impact wrench is large in general, that's why it gets very difficult to handle for several users. If the size would be smaller, many people would find it comfortable to use. Those who are used to work in single hand, they would feel comfortable to use the smaller one. So, impact driver is a definite option for those sort of people.

There Noise

Usually, the impact wrenches are prone to produce a remarkable amount of noise. We found some cases where users are strictly instructed to wear the earplugs while operating an impact wrench, cause of they are exposed to high pitched noise. On the contrary, the impact drivers are quiet enough. So, they do not produce noise at the disturbing level which usually raise concerns. It's up on you what tools are going to pick for you.

Power source options

Understanding of how this machine is driven can make much easier to use and handle the tools. Especially before using the machine for various type of applications. Here, both machines come to us with a variety of power source options. In case of impact wrench, the compressed air is used as the power source of it. In the other hand, the impact driver's power source are different. They usually uses electricity as the main power source for all type of operations.

When to use what

Like we said earlier, if you are an average user or a DIYer you won’t need the aid of the impact wrench. You can easily deal with the simple mechanical jobs or in-house works like displacing draw nuts without the help of an impact wrench. So if you are not interested to waste your money, you can try a lug wrench.

But the impact drivers are really useful for general use, and they are more popular too. How was it possible? It’s because they give a compact performance and provides more torque compared to a regular standard drill as well. But unlike an impact wrench, they are pretty much user-friendly. And the only use you can have with an impact wrench, displacing draw nuts from the cars can also be done with most of the impact drivers available in the market.

Buyers Guide

Impact wrench is one of the most important tools for a shop, a garage or even a professional. Here you will find a short list of suitable impact wrenches within a suitable range of price. The wrenches, which are of pro-quality may cost between $150 to $300 and may be suitable for average users.

Some of The Best Impact wrenches

DeWalt DCF880HM2 cordless

Now this is pretty best in the market. You’ll get a whopping 1,800 in. lbs of torque which stands it out from all other competition. For the support of getting such a great torque you’ll have Two 20V MAX batteries (4.0 A).You can’t expect more from the average decent impact wrenches like this available in the market.

Ingersoll-Rand 231C

This is another tool to watch out! It gives you 5,000 in. lbs of torque with the standard ½” square drive. And the most amazing fact is that it comes with a very reasonable price. It runs on air, as it is a pneumatic wrench you might require an air compressor for the air supply. The 261 model is more powerful than this one; it delivers torque of around 13,000 in. lbs.

Porter-Cable PCE210

Look at the specifications along with the price tag, you would not like anything other than this stylish and unique impact wrench. As it’s corded, it will not let you feel the convenience you find with a cordless tool. But what more you can expect from a $100 impact wrench? The power of nearly 3,000 in. lbs of torque makes it a pretty good deal.

Some Of The Best Of Impact Drivers

Now let’s have a look at the best impact drivers available in the market to find an actual view of impact wrench VS impact driver.

Makita XDT111 impact driver

If you consider performance, you will be a slight disappointed compared to the previous one. But nothing can be more fantastic at such a cheap price. 1,500 in lbs of torque is enough for you if you are not opting for a huge automotive work.

Milwaukee 2656-21 M18 cordless

Probably you will not find a better option that the best cordless impact driver in the market. Milwaukee’s M18 batteries are quite famous for their amazing performance, with the lightning fast charging feature and will serve better than any other driver available. A torque of almost 2,200 in. lbs makes it an amazing, delightful and user-friendly machine.

DeWalt DCF885C1 impact driver

A compact 1.5 amp 20V MAX battery costing such a low price is definitely amazing. A single charge won’t let you deal with your heavy duties. So if you think it won’t suit you, you will have an option for the bigger 4.0 amp batteries, which will give you a torque of about 1,400 in. lbs.

Last Words

In between the competition to impact wrench VS impact driver, the impact wrenches scored way too more than impact drivers because they are much powerful. If you are not an automobile mechanic or if you don’t have to deal with heavy jobs, you may not require uses of high torque. In comparison, impact drivers will very much suit the average users.

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