How To Use A Socket Set And The Types Of Sockets Available

How to use a socket set

A socket is a tool that you can attach with a wrench. You can use this to tighten or loosen nuts or bolts. So, you must know how to use a socket set. It has a variety of applications depending on the shape and size. In a set, you will have sockets, socket bits and socket wrenches which vary in sizes. You can buy a set that contains a lesser amount of them or the ones with more. It depends on your need though it is wise to have more.

Whether you are a professional or an amateur, socket sets are essential for any fixing. It is an important power tool which you can use for repairing or maintenance. You can perform a variety of tasks every day by swapping different sockets.

Types of sockets in a socket set

Before you learn how to use a socket set, you must know what kind of sockets are available in the set. Each of them has different implications. I have mentioned few of them, and the explanation is given below.

· Hex sockets: Hex socket has two types, they are hex/6 point socket and bi-hex/12 point socket. On the larger side, it has hexagonal or bi-hexagonal shaped hole. It is to loosen or tighten nuts or bolts.

· Impact sockets: The socket has an industrial surface finish. It makes the look different from other sockets. They are the attachments for an impact wrench. It can deal with heavy pressure.

· Spark plug sockets: It is used to remove or fit a spark plug inside an engine. Their length is longer than regular sockets. Also, you will see a layer of rubber that helps the socket from damaging itself.

· Insulated sockets: It has an outer coating to insulate electricity. Use it with an insulated turning tool. They are great when working with the current.

· Adjustable multi-sockets: The socket has different adjustment system. It enables to act as many different sockets.

· Oil-filter socket: The socket size is large. It is mainly used to remove oil filters from transports.

· Socket bits: It is like a small hex socket, but the difference is, it has a screw driver bit inside. They come in different varieties. Also, you can attach them with an impact wrench.

· Pass through sockets: The socket contains a tube like hole. In which, you can pass through bolts with a long shaft to tighten or loosen.

· Universal joint: It has a ball-swivel that helps to move 360 degrees. The tool is useful when you are working in a tight spot. It makes your job easier as you can change the direction any way you want.

· Bolt grip socket: It is used to remove damaged or corroded nuts or bolts.

How to use a socket set?

Now, you are ready to learn about how to use a socket set. It is not as hard as it seems. For better usage, you need to understand the rules. The sockets may break if you do not use them correctly. Also, if you do not use the right size, then you will face trouble turning them. In this article, I will talk about the basic ways to use a socket set. Follow the steps below for using them. It will ensure accurate use of the sockets to provide better service.

Read the manual

Most of the tool sets come with a user manual, you should know them. It will help you to understand the instructions and safety guidelines. In the handbook, there are details provided for all the pieces in the set.

Use correct socket

You should always use the wrench or ratchet that supports the socket. Say, an impact socket is best with an impact wrench or an insulated socket with an insulated wrench. Each type of socket has their turning tool. You must understand that first. If the pairing is correct, it will fit with ease. You do not have to pressurize to adjust.

Do not put pressure on the jaw

It is one essential thing to remember when learning about how to use a socket set. You do not have to exert pressure on the jaws of the tool. It will make your hands slip now and then. Holding at the end of the wrench will create enough pressure.

Check the turning direction

You need to see whether the socket is turning to the correct orientation. To check, first, hold the socket in your left-hand. And then with your right-hand move, the wrench left and right. It should move clockwise for tightening and anti-clockwise for loosening. If the wrench is turning in the wrong direction, then you should re-adjust it.

Removing the socket

Remember to take the socket off carefully after the job is done. The socket become hard to remove from the wrench. Try not to put too much pressure while removing. If you do, it may break damage the socket. So, removing with ease is important.

Clean the sockets

Another essential thing to remember when learning about how to use a socket set. It is necessary to clean any tools after using them. You can use oil or lubricant for this. Cleaning reduces the growth of mold or corrosion on them.

Place them in their correct position

Always put the sockets in their right place. That way you can get them whenever you want without searching too much. It makes you more efficient to perform the task efficiently. If you do not place the tools in the right place, then there is a chance you will lose them. Further, misplacement may increase the amount of working time. And everyone knows time is precious. So, it is best to keep the sockets where they belong.

Final words

In the end, I would say learning about how to use a socket set is interesting. If you understand the basic step, then you can perform any work. If you place them in their right position, you will not lose a single piece of the entire set. Cleaning helps the sockets stay as good as new. Also, you can avoid rust and corrosion's. Since you will invest money into this, I will suggest you use the socket set wisely.

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