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Craftsman 450-piece mechanic’s tool set Review

Over time and necessity, mechanical tools have created their own place in the user’s heart. In the Craftsman tool set 450 reviews, you’ll get a clear hint of that. If you want to get as many tools as possible for your money, the Craftsman tool set 450-piece is the best choice for you.

This is a very huge set from well-renowned manufacturer Craftsman, packing no less than 450 pieces in one storage case. With such large pieces in a single tool set, you won’t find many others that will offer you more.
What you do while getting a varying socket head, Allen keys, and bits of such diversity this will be like the only set you need to buy for a long time.

So, let’s go and surprise you by knowing its other details.

Craftsman 450 Piece Mechanic’s Tool set Review

Craftsman 450 Piece Mechanic's Tool set Review

Key Features

  • 450 piece tool set.
  • Include of 191 sockets, 165 combination wrenches, 6 extension bars helps to extend your reach perfectly.
  • Consists of 3 quick ratchets
  • A magnetic nut handle allows you to perform easy nut and bit installation.
  • 6 adapters included with the tool kit.
  • Consists of 40 hex keys and best 175 screwdrivers.
  • Handy storage case with drawers.

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Technical Specification

Brand: Craftsman

Number of Pieces: 450

Measurement System: SAE and Metric

Item Weight: 1 pound

Product Dimension: 5x4x4 inches

What Do We Like About It ?

The Craftsman 450 is a dream tool kit for every user where they have a choice of 450-piece mechanic’s toolset to work with. The tool assortments consist of 3 quick ratchets from ¼, 3/8 to the largest ½-inch. Using 165 combination wrenches, you can drive the nuts and bolts in both inch and metric sizes. However, the real draw of this kit is the diversity of bits and tools it includes.

Salient Features of Craftsman Tool Set 450-Piece

Among the huge collection of Craftsman’s treasure, no wonder this popular 450-piece mechanic tool set will surprise you. The features of this kit will give you a positive vibe about it. So, let’s go to check some salient features of the Craftsman tool set 450-piece mechanic tool.

Complete Set for Regular Upkeep

While it comes to a bulk collection, the Craftsman tool set 450-piece takes things to the utmost level. With this tool set, you can turn any hard repair work much easier way. For instance, quick access to nuts and bolts in hard to reach spaces or working on various cars or various parts of a single-car this tool set can tackle almost anything a vehicle can throw at you. Performance-wise, this set comes with the closest of being “ready for almost everything” compare to 1000 pieces of tool set.

Truly, from installation to repair- this kit does boast everything you require for regular upkeep. So, you don’t need to leave with a job that will send you to the store. No wonder it’s the reason on the list of most recommended tool sets.

Huge Tool Collection

What this tool kit contains is an amazing diversity of tools to fulfill almost all your demands. Craftsman considered the array of measurements and sizes to ensure users always get what they want to perform any particular task. This kit includes 191 sockets of 6, 8 and 12 points come in both metric & inch sizes. The 3 quick-release ratchets come with 75 teeth for adequate torque and contact. Arrays of 165 combination wrenches are ideal for slots where ratchet couldn’t reach. To extend your reach, there are 6 extension bars included. A magnetic handle included with the set for hassle-free bit and nut installation. Furthermore, it also has screwdrivers, Allen keys and anything else to complete a toolset.

Even though this toolset contains a huge quantity of tools but still it isn’t considered as a comprehensive kit as it lacks an essential tool like pliers.

Convenient Features

Made by a reputed brand known as Craftsman, this mechanic tool set features with a unique and well-designed storage case. Coming with a huge number of included pieces, travel around the entire set is less than perfect due to its weight. Good thing the storage case has its 3 inbuilt slide-out trays there to help you to organize your tools just how you like them. As the 3 trays are separately made, so you can take a portion of a toolset if needed. But soon you’ll find the storage isn’t meant for transportation. The tools can dislodge from its place if you throw and lug the box around.

Made from tough stainless-steel construction, this is then coated in chrome for added durability. The only issue is the packaging design is very heavy therefore it requires more space in the garage.

Things I Like

  • A large variety of tools included
  • Consists of varied drill bits and socket heads
  • Offers a complete set of Allen key
  • Easy and quick bit installation with magnetic handles
  • Ample storage case with sliding trays
  • Excellent and tough stainless-steel construction
  • Polished chrome-finished

Things I Didn’t Like

  • Some required tool like pliers not included
  • Poorly designed organization pattern.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques: Is this toolset covers all essential tools which DIYer’s need?

Ans: The Craftsman Tool Set 450-piece consists of all required tools like adjustable wrenches, varying sizes of sockets, ratchets, etc that a typical DIYer’s need, except pliers. But it didn’t seem any problem while you get such a large variety.

Ques: Does this tool set made in China?

Ans: Yes, this tool kit was made in China and nicely maintains its quality as it was. So, you can rely on their construction.

Ques: what is the actual dimension of this toolbox?

Ans:  Height 11.5-inch, width 17.5-inch, and depth 11.5-inch.

Final Thoughts

Craftsman is a well-reputed manufacturer and has earned so many loyal customers. It’s no surprise their products remain in demand. We don’t say that their Craftsman 450 is the best among the category. But yes, its quality gives you no excuse not to consider buy it.

Those who don’t want to spend much time collecting the best tool for garage and home use will want to have a look at this one. No wonder they will love this one.


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