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Best Torque Wrench Reviews 2020

Best Torque WrenchBest Torque Wrench

A torque wrench is one of those tools that make to mystify user; however, they quite similar way do what a regular ratchet does. Only difference is in measurement ability of how much force is holding down your bolt, meaning you can be assured that it is tight enough.

It’s not a big important for bolt tightening. But it almost compulsory for safety and structural concerns such as brakes and suspension issue.

However, identifying the best torque wrench that meets your budget and needs from the vast range of products on the market is difficult. For this reason, we created this complete guide to make your life tension free.

5 Best Torque Wrench Reviews 2020

1. TEKTON 24340 1/2-Inch Drive Click Torque W​​​​​rench


  1. Brand: TEKTON
  2. Drive: ½ inch
  3. Accuracy: +/-4%
  4. Ratchet: 24 tooth
  5. Weight: 4.41 pounds
TEKTON 24340 1/2-Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench

Looking for high-quality and performance in one wrench, then the TEKTON 24340 1/2-Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench is the ideal choice. It’s quite humbling to put light on how this brand has handled to mingle practicality and simplicity into a strong torquing wrench. Maybe it’s not as perfect as other models from the TEKTON brand, but this is possible can be a great option for you if you want to buy a new one.

Talk about a durable piece of steel, this wrench measures 25 inches high, 2 inches wide, and ½ inches drive set with 24 teeth. You can get an amazing utilization in vehicles like cars, SUV’s or trucks, and for large equipment. As you can imagine, this torque is built for strong performance and comes with an outstanding +/- 4% accuracy rating.

The head of this torque wrench is made quite a similar way to the ratchet form and has a reversible ½ inch drive. While you have reached the desired torque setting, a mechanical Click is made. To let you know to stop applying more pressure in case you cause over-tightening. In a way, this feature minimizes the risk level and furthering of work quality is impressive. Furthermore, chrome vanadium steel used to cover the head’s design portion. It’s not just used to show off rather ensure durability, torquing potentiality, and toughness.

Key Features

  • Durable metal construction
  • Adequate range to cover wide projects
  • Audible Click technology
  • Knurled handle design for easy grip
  • Precalibrated +/- 4% accuracy

Who is this torque wrench for ?

​As stated above, most tough equipment that require tightening and torquing, etc. will discover a wide range of use for this torque. Its uses spread far into automobile fields like trucks, SUV’s, and cars. It’s very durable and strong torque wrench mainly made for these types of work.

2. Performance Tool M195 Beam Style Torque Wrench


  • Brand: Performance
  • Drive: ¼ inch
  • Accuracy: N/A
  • Torque Range: 0 - 80 lb/in
  • Weight: 0.55 lb
Performance Tool M195 Beam Style Torque Wrench

The M195 beam style torque wrench from Performance is a top-picked one that works excellently for an automobile. It’s very simple to use, with some common features this one is for someone who does not require using the torque wrench very frequently. Undoubtedly, this is the best ¼ inch mechanical torque wrench for light to medium works.

This beam torque wrench comes with an analog meter that will show for you in real-time of how much torque is applied on the bolt you are tightening. One of the great facts about the model is that you can buy it in different sizes and torque range depending on your purpose and need. It’s available in ½ inch and ¼ inch sizes. The ½ inch is rated at 0-150 foot-pounds while ¼ inch is good for 0-60 foot-pounds. The click-type model also comes in this model and available drive sizes are ½”, ¼”, and 3/8”. However, this product has ¼” square drive that is a quite small but common size for a large variety of bolts and nuts.

One of the best things about this model is resistant to fatigue and wear to offer more exact torque reading even during repeated applications. You can use this tool in both directions means clockwise and anti-clockwise to get the accurate measurements. Plus, the ball handle produces even more exact result compare to the traditional torque wrench handgrip. However, the M195 is the best torque wrench for the money if you want to calculate the torque value.

Key Features

  • Simple to reading scale
  • The ball handle distributes the torque evenly
  • Great quality and finish
  • Both metric and SAE calibrated
  • A large variety of sizes available

Who is this torque wrench for ?

It’s not a professional quality tool, but it can make the distance for most DIY auto technicians who aren’t very used to with wrenches. So, we recommend it to casual use and not heavy-duty applications.

3. Snap-on CDI 2503MFRPH Adjustable Micrometer Torque Wrench


  • Brand: CDI
  • Drive: ½ inch
  • Accuracy: +/-4%
  • Torque Range: 30-250 ft. pounds
  • Weight: 4.3 pounds
Snap-on CDI 2503MFRPH Adjustable Micrometer Torque Wrench

If you question any experience users which torque wrench is great in their areas, they will happily inform you about this CDI product name. The Snap-on CDI 2503MFRPH Adjustable Micrometer Torque Wrench is a premium model of this brand. Professional users throughout the world acclaimed its quality and versatility among the mechanics. Although it’s not a premium product officially, rather it’s greatly regarded for the exact accuracy it provides.

Being a ½ inch torque wrench, it’s come with a dual reading scale. Meaning this Certificate of Calibration indicates reading in dual directions. This technology used to build it confirmation that you get an accurate and precise reading. For instance, the scales are laser calibrated for simple reading. You can use this device to loosen or tighten the lugs and nuts to reach the desired torque level. Also, this wrench comes with a locking safety mechanism that can be activated or deactivate just a simple pushing hook on the back of the head of wrench.

One great thing about this torque wrench- it has a comfortable ergonomic grip that makes it easy to handle. The handle features a hard plastic finish to enhance your handling level of the tool however protecting the tools from slipping from the hands when working. Its weight is approximately 4.3 pounds and 21 inches in length. So, when you lift it for the first time, you get the feeling that it’s unbreakable.

Key Features

  • A dual directional reading scale
  • Torque range from 30-250 ft. pounds
  • Laser marked scale
  • Quick-release button for easy setup
  • Has a safety locking mechanism

Who is this torque wrench for?

This 2503MFRPH CDI torque wrench is suitable for professional levels whether you’re a seasonal experience or DIY users. It’s quite cheap and you don’t need to pay a lot of money out of pocket for. Additionally, it’s ideal for people who crave a lightweight tool to work.

4. Venzo Bicycle Bike Torque Wrench Allen Key Tool Socket Set Kit 2-24Nm


  • Brand: Venzo
  • Drive: ¼ inch
  • Accuracy: +/-4%
  • Torque Range: 2-24 NM
  • Weight: 1.61 pounds
Venzo Bicycle Bike Torque Wrench Allen Key Tool Socket Set Kit 2-24Nm

For small projects like bicycle repairing the Venzo Bicycle Bike Torque Wrench Allen Key Tool Socket Set Kit 2-24Nm is a champion. This tool kit may come with a high price point, but it’s a complete kit that is designed to be used for tightening bicycle bolts and nuts. Robust construction for superior performance, it’ll last years after years without any hassle. This is why it’s the best bike torque wrench on the market today.

It comes with common sizes quality bits like 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 10mm adapter Allen keys that not only durable but simple to use. This Taiwan builds torque wrench also comes with 5mm longer Allen key for T30, T25, and T20 torques. Add to the fact that it has a torque range of 2 to 24 Nm which can cover almost any bicycle parts installation. Also, this kit is perfect for carbon fiber frames that require an exact torque wrench when loosening or tightening nuts.

Being a click-type torque wrench, you need to feel the vibration and pay attention to the sound. Whenever you feel the vibration and hear the sound, means you have reached the desired torque level. And it’s the time to stop. By turning the handles counterclockwise or clockwise, you can set your desired torque level.

Key Features

  • Made in Taiwan
  • Ideal for bicycle nuts and bolts tightening
  • Comes with quality bit sets
  • Compact and robust design
  • Suitable for carbon frame bikes

Who is this torque wrench for?​​​​​

Being a click-type torque wrench, you need to feel the vibration and pay attention to the sound. Whenever you feel the vibration and hear the sound, means you have reached the desired torque level. And it’s the time to stop. By turning the handles counterclockwise or clockwise, you can set your desired torque level.

5. Precision Instruments ½” Drive Split Beam Torque Wrench


  • Brand: Precision Instruments
  • Drive: ½ inch
  • Accuracy: +/-4%
  • Torque Range: 40-250 foot-pounds
  • Weight: 4.5 pounds
Precision Instruments ½” Drive Split Beam Torque Wrench

The Precision Instruments ½” Drive Split Beam Torque Wrench isn’t the cheapest option in our list. Actually, it’s the high-end torque wrench of the price however it offers a group of fine features and sparkling accuracy of the price. Great thing is that this brand name doesn’t give empty boasting because it has the latest innovation while it comes to precision credibility.

This torque wrench has incorporated with a ½ inch drive beam split which is easy to use. Also, features a torque range from 40 to 250 foot-pounds and a fixed ratchet head to handle most of the jobs. You can use this excellent too while working on trucks, cars, and motorcycle. Your choice of nickel or chrome finish offers you an opportunity to pick a match for the rest of your tool-set.

No need to worries about spring tension, you can adjust the torque setting using a handy adjustment knob. You can use this knob to reduce the spring tension while balanced the required torque value. Another great thing is you don’t need to recalibrate the torque again, you can use it as-is whenever you need it. Using the spring-loaded mechanism you can increase the wrench speed.

Key Features

  • Ergonomic rubber grip with chrome or nickel finish
  • Ideal for most cars, trucks, and motorcycles
  • Easy adjustment knob
  • Compact and robust design
  • Superior accuracy

Who is this torque wrench for ?

For heavy to light, no matter what kind of machine you use, you can work with this torque wrench. Also, it’s an amazing product as it’s not come with a hefty price tag. So, this is the best product for your cart.

Shoppers Guide

Who is this torque wrench for ?

A torque wrench is a user-oriented tool that permits you to monitor the amount of force that is used while loosening or tightening bolts. At first look, it resembles the single keys a wheel cross or a typical wheel nut wrench. Having a key with special differentiator of torque, this wrench comes with great strength. Also, it gives you the chance to set a particular torque before screwing to fasten nut or screw.

In this way, it’s assured the securing force that must exist between the tool and other links. This torque setting is called tightening torque that is very easy to use.

Torque wrenches are quite a similar form of torque screwdrivers. Earlier it vastly used in repair shops and garage, latter it is used in the same way as torque wrench while loosen or tightening bolts.

Different Types of torque wrenches

There are extensive types of torque wrenches, and find the best one is completely up to you. However, some types may offer you higher accuracy or better torque range than others. Each style will slightly differ from others in operations especially in reading torque units.

  • Click Torque Wrench
  • Click torque wrench is still the most widely popular torque wrench in any type of industry. They are used by the people who create a living wrenching on a bicycle, motorcycle, cars, SUVs for a good purpose. Only problem is that they can be a little hard for novice users.
  • This common wrench type is often very accurate and a reliable, and delivers a “click” sound to let you know the required torque has been met. In many cases, it’ll be done by a simple adjustment on the handle. In handle, some indicators measure foot/lbs and for metric torque wrench Nm.
  • Most armatures get stumble in the click noise. As soon as you heard the click signal, you need to stop applying force. After you do that, you will be in the clear.

    • Beam Torque Wrench
  • Beam torque wrench is the oldest and simplest style available today. It works with an analog meter to let you know how much energy is being applied to the bolts. Generally, they are the cheapest type and run a long way among the four.
  • Since they’re the cheapest style torque wrenches, often professionals consider them unreliable and inaccurate. So, they are not selected as frequent use for a wide array of applications. Eventually, it’s better to spend extra money to get an accurate and efficient result.
    • Dial Torque Wrench
  • As the name implies, the dial torque wrench comes with a round dial that displays the torque force. Whenever you reach the required torque value, you can detach the wrench. However, it needs a constant visual on the dial that is a big inconvenience.  
  • A major advantage of this torque wrench is that it’s very exact and built for exact tightening. If you want to search the accurate torque value for the bolts and nuts, the dial torque wrench is best for the work.
    • Electronic Or Digital Torque Wrench

    The electronic torque wrench work on a similar way as click type, except that it features an LCD display and a small built-in speaker. Usually, they’ll make buzz like sound while it reaches the set torque.

  • Additionally, the LCD screen can provide you necessary feedback on what torque is applied, meaning you do not need to just listen out. So, you can increase the pressure slowly which is great for delicate bolts. However, these types of torque wrenches are more expensive than mechanical ones.
  • Factors to Consider When Buying A Torque Wrench

    If you’re unfamiliar with how to use a torque wrench, it’s quite impossible to find a great one for specific projects. It’s happening with most tools, consultation, and careful investigations before buying are advised.

    Spending quality time, resource, and effort can help you to find the ideal torque wrench. Eventually, several aspects are combined to define the best torque wrench. Let’s take a look,

    Consider the Weight and Size

    Evaluate the weight and size of the torque wrench can play a big role in what tool you end up choosing. Make sure you pick the one that works well in the area where you’ll be operating it most of the time. Also, remember not to choose a too heavy or too light tool for the kind of work you’ll be doing.

    Although there is no universal standard available, there are some extended than others. Based on the torque you desire to give on the tightening, you require a wrench handle to fit, at the same time comfortable as well.


    The main point to purchase this tool is to take benefits of the measurements that it can provide you during the operation. One thing keeps in mind that most torque wrenches come with an indicative accuracy standard and they can work great within those values. However, you need to pays a model to achieve an excellent accuracy-if the accuracy is poor, it’s better to save the money for a regular wrench.


    A most crucial part of a torque wrench is how it’s calibrated. Base on the international standard, a torque wrench needs to be set on +/-4& of its real value. Bear in mind that some torquing projects may want some accuracy that is quite higher than that. So, you need to be conscious about the individual tolerance level of a wrench before buying.


    The ratchet is an important part of a torque wrench however, liable for tactile reactions you typically get while operating a torque wrench. Usually, ratchet comprises several stuff with teeth. If the system has more teeth, it means less torque and smoother you’ll need to loosen or tighten the nuts and bolts. Meanwhile, more teeth even symbolize the higher motion of the handles.

    Generally, a standard torque wrench has 72 teeth or more. Remember to try to buy a torque wrench which works in both directions means clockwise and anticlockwise. However, you require to select between performance and comfort in such circumstance.


    A steady, ergonomic grip is essential for both secure finish and comfort. Some grip handle coated with soft rubber while others have a knurled handle. Either no-slip handle is also better.

    An anti-slip grip will deliver great performance and protect hand tiredness over time.

    Scale Readability

    While you’re buying a digital electronic model, it should not be a much of concern. But if you’re trying to acquire through a manual read model, need to ensure that the scale is engraved or laser cut. Printed markings may wear away easily and translate the tool pointless way. At the same time, look for the color that is easier to read in dim light.


    A torque wrench is not something that you’ll buy every day so go with a good one. Bear in mind, never compromise quality over price. Even though it may little out from your budget but fulfill all your requirements then go for it. That doesn’t mean cheap ones aren’t good. However, there’re many models comes in an affordable price range and perform quite well.


    From the best torque wrench reviews, you have got to know how to correct shop for your needs. Even if you need a torque wrench so often there’re many affordable models available to make it a worthwhile tool to have.

    Follow the purchasing tips that we provide you to make your torque wrench selection. You can also refer to torque wrench reviews to find a great buy. If you do these things hopefully you don’t have any problem choosing the best torque wrench for your needs.

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