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Best Socket Set for Mechanic Reviews in 2019

Best Socket Set for Mechanic

Choosing the Best Socket Set for Mechanic is not an easygoing task. We know having the best socket set is very challenging because of endless choices you will find. Probably after seeing so many tools, you might get puzzle which one is best mechanical tool set and satisfied your requirements. This review might help you to select the perfect one.  Working on your own auto repair is very effective way to save money and time. However, do the valuable job you need a good socket set that ensures you the repair work will go smoothly. If you carefully follow the article on all major socket sets this might lead you to pick the best one, before you make your final decision.

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What And Why A Best Socket Set for Mechanic?

A socket set is an essential item for engineer and mechanical works. There are plenty of different kind sets out there in order to choose. Besides, modern sockets are made with harden steel and special protecting coating to enhance their durability. As per the need of industry, these tool sets are highly customized. Nevertheless, with these top-picked sockets set you might find one that may suit your need. Customers love these sets most because they offer endless variety. This guide will answer you all inquiries and give a clear understanding of what you need to look in best socket set.

Who Should Buy Best Socket set

The socket set becomes an invaluable tool for technician as well as novice user. You can also find this tool useful if you do repairs often and occasionally. Need to adjust a bicycle chain and piece together any toys or something; socket set will do the trick. In addition, if you buy a grill and want to assemble it then this set will be ultimate solution for you. Professional, homeowners, adults, as well as beginners who do a repair, will find it invaluable. On top of that, those involve in trade in auto mechanics, plumbers, woodworkers, and technicians all use socket set as a daily basis. This is found one of the basic set that includes all the tools and typically most common set that need a repair person.

Recommended Top 10 Best socket Set

There are plenty of sockets set in the market. We have picked the best socket set for that might help you to do the job. Some of them have highlighted below from the different types of socket set and discussed why they best pick,

DEWALT is a well-known brand for producing quality mechanic tools. The 192 pieces of mechanic tool set give you a wide range of variety of sections tools including sockets, wrenches, ratchets and other useful accessories. These tools are made with professional grade ingredients so that you can perform the most repairing task.

Superior Performance

Similar to the other DEWALT power tool sets, this one also provides excellent and high-quality performance. Their tool set has several appealing features 72 tooth gear system for providing high torque ratcheting and deeply etched marking for quick socket identification. Its 5-degree arc swing design and slim head create it more maneuverable even in the constricted areas.

Easy to Use

It has provided non-slippery surfaces because of its handle bar are knurled beauty rings. Its low profile directional lever can easily reduce catch power in order to make it easy to use.

Unique Design

In careful observation, you find that some socket is difficult to read because the central part of case made with plastic. The locking tab also made in plastic still the clip is steel made. For tools protection, a sturdy case provides for easy storage.


  • Long-lasting molded case with metal handle for extra security.
  • A wide range of common sockets finds in one set.
  • An easy push release button helps to change sockets easily.


  • Need more careful while opening the box because risk drops down the tools

The Stanley STMT71652 123-Piece Socket Set is design for both professional and amateur mechanics. It comes with a complete range of SAE and metric sizes socket as well as drive tools.

High-Quality Construction

Stanley’s drive tools are made with high-quality steel and they polished with black chrome or nickel chrome. A ratchet has a reverse switch mechanism that can be thumb operation. The sockets have Max-Drive and unique radius design which provide 15% more torque.

Long Lasting Desing

Max-Drive design helps to reduce fastener wear by decreasing contact on the outer 5% of the fastener. It also helps to fastener life expectancy level. Moreover, reduce rust fastener.

Storage Cage

All 123 pieces come in well-arranged and easy to travel box.


  • Comprehensive set of socket.
  • Easy to identify for labeling.
  • Perfect for professional use.


  • Tool case is much sturdy to handle.

The Craftsman 165 pc Mechanics Tool Set is perfect for home, garage as well as work site. Different sizes drives are available with sockets.

Flexible Design

It is designed to meet the basic needs and assemble the grill, bicycle, furniture and family vehicle as well.

Strong and versatile

This tool set contains strong three drive sizes 92 sockets, two extension bars, two universal joints and one ratchets in every drive size. Wrenches come in both metric and inch sizes. Nut, hex key, driver holder, and screwdriver also include with it.

Easy to use

This tool set contains 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2-Inch – three sizes diver with these 92 sockets.


  • Better quality socket
  • Good durable tool storage


  • The case is disarranging so that tools fall down

This 230-pieces tool set serves perfectly for DITers. It is suitable for those who work in under sun and lawn mowers. This set virtually comes with all tools needed for simple home project to the most challenging task.

Design to Last

With finely crafted tools made with durable alloy steel and easy to use deign to ensure long lasting quality.

Powerful and Versatile

Wonderful socket and wrenches come with this Craftsman 230-Piece. The set includes sockets in 3 driver sizes with a quick release ratchets; extension bars; universal joints; metric and standard wrenches; 12-nut drivers; screwdrivers bit and hex keys. Moreover, all these tools are organized in a durable case.

Durable Case

The Craftsman 230-Piece set you can capable to do the entire thing with this exception of screwdriver bits. Its offers a versatile, organize and at the same time durable quality case. Yet, it’s not only a good starter for novice but also for professional mechanics.

Multipurpose Design

Not only have that users also recommended it as a price worthy product. However, this provides a wide range of tools that can accomplish home commercial and industrial tasks.


  • Good value for money propositions
  • Super convenient case to carry
  • Long-lasting alloy steel with silver finish


  • Allen wrenches come in plastic bags, which is inconvenient to store.

The DEWALT DWMT 75049 Mechanics 192 piece Tools Set offers a plenty of features that can fulfill the desires of mechanical users.

Quality Design

All these pieces have knurled beauty rings ensuring non-slipping surface when you hold them. Therefore, the pieces also have deep laser etched marking for every socket.

Built for Last Use

Even in tight location, they offer a slim head along with 5-Degree arc swing design perfect for maneuverability. The set design for one-handed operation and 72 tooth gear system mechanic design for high torque ratcheting easily. It can also reduce the catch point with the help of low profile directional lever. This set comes with great finish and built to last.

Convenient Travel Case

A large number of tools makes the set look versatile and comes with a convenient case. However, the case is bit heavy but not feel uncomfortable to carry. In the toolbox, you will find both standard and metric sockets available. Going back to the case, all the tools are precisely fit into the case and do not fall out easily. This durable molded case is designed perfectly for tool protection and storage.


  • Tools are precisely fit into the case.
  • Durable case use for tools protection
  • Plenty of extensions offer


  • Toolset is bit heavy.

6. Neiko 10083A Master Torx Bit Socket and External Torx Socket Set, 60 PIECE, S2 and Cr-B Steel

Neiko 10083A Master Torx Bit Socket and External Torx Socket offer 60-Piece a newly master set.

Versatile socket

The master set contains star sockets normally used in automotive. These includes Torx bit socket (T6 to T70), Torx e female (E4 to E24), Torx plus (TP8 to TP60) and Torx temper proof bit (TT6 to TT70).

Robust Construction

These sockets stand with high torques. Because they are made with Cr-v alloy steel, that provides tough and sturdy finishing. The bits also made with Premium S2 alloy steel for optimal strength and durability. Automatic bit tips ensure the size that helps to precisely fit into ends.

Storage Box

The tool set includes a sturdy plastic case with handle for convenient storage and carrying.


  • Nice size range of sockets.
  • Torque assortment is great.
  • S2 and Cr-v construction.


  • Need more careful while open the case because tools can fall down.

  • Lack of rust resistant quality.

7.GearWrench 80300 51 Piece 1/4-Inch Drive 6 Point Socket Set

GearWrench 80300 51 Piece 1/4-Inch Drive 6 Point Socket Set

GearWrench has proven itself in tool industry since mid-1990. It first introduces original five-degree ratcheting wrench in 1996 and then expands their brand for professional automotive. For doing nearly any task new product is innovate every year. With the help of these tools, automotive and industrial technicians can do their jobs faster and easier.

Strongly Build

Sockets are fully polished with chrome and come with a large hard size marking. It’s surface design reduce to fastener rounding. The extensions are designed with knurled full polish chrome. Then new innovation of Gear Wrench 84-tooth ratchet stand with long handle, flex head, offset and short and thick varieties

Good Quality Case

The GearWrench tools set is held an importance for almost every professional tool users. A plastic storage case includes protecting the tools.


  • Solid constructions.
  • Well-polished and marker socket.
  • Smooth ratchets mechanism.


  • Sockets fit tightly to ratchets but not very uncomfortable to remove.

8.Stanley 92-824 Black Chrome and Laser Etched(69-piece)  Socket Set

Stanley 92-824 Black Chrome and Laser Etched 69-Piece Socket Set

Stanley gives you suitable and quality tools with this 92-824 Black Chrome and Laser Etched 69-Piece Socket Set.

Design to Last

This set meets the ASNI standard for sockets and ratchets. This laser etched marking socket are easier to read and high visibility compares to the other standard sockets.

Rust Resistance

The design of Max-Drive provides 15% more torques while the black color ensures the optimal level performance of the tools. This is because the black offer better corrosion resistance.

Unique Storage Case

The set also provides a case that is suitable for tools storage and portability. A 2- piece Case allows you to open the lid and can use that as a drawer tray. This lid provides a convenient assembly of the tools and easy to travel.


  • Meets ASNI specification.
  • Laser-etched for high visibility marking
  • Black color offers sharp appearance and corrosion protection.


  • Sockets are bit difficult to remove from the case.

9. Stanley 92-839 Black Chrome and Laser Etched Socket Set, 99-Piece

Stanley 92-839 Black Chrome and Laser Etched Socket Set, 99-Piece

The Stanley 92-839 Black Chrome and Laser Etched 99-Piece Socket Set is the best value for functionality and durability. Besides, it provides laser-etched socket marking which is very easy to read.

Quality finishing

This tool set is rust and corrosion resistance with its black chrome finish. Rest assures you that the set will serve you for years.

Convenient storage

The high quality and durable set also come with tool case that further protects tools from damage.

ANSI Proved

Floating pawl ratchets are high torque ratchets Stanley 92-839 meets or exceeds the American National Standards Institute specifications.

Strong and Flexible

The package comes with 33 max drive socket 1/4'', 39 max drive socket 3/8' and one pear head ratchet arm 3/8'' and 1/4''.


  • Good variety of sizes.
  • Best for DIY users.
  • Good sharp looking with chrome finish.


  • Packaging is bit difficult to remove.

10.Crescent CTK170CMP2 Mechanics 170-PieceTool Set

The Crescent CTK170CMP2 Mechanics 170-Piece Tool Set contains a thoroughly selected assortment of hand tools. It is a solution for most industrial, mechanical and consumer applications. This box contains almost all tools you will need to complete car repair and maintenance jobs.

High-Quality Construction

Crescent mechanics tools are made from chrome vanadium steel alloy. You will feel smooth chrome finish, perfect operation and balance shape handle, all indicates extraordinary workmanship and quality.

Strong and Flexible

The CTK170CMP2 set offer ratcheting drive tool includes 1/4 inches, 3/8 inches and ½ inches with quick release design. This set also offers a number of common and standard sockets in SAE and metric sizes. Every part of tools made for long-term use and heavy duty.

Use for Multiple Application

This multi-function tool set always creates a good impact in your work. It might be best choice for newbie, intermediate and professional level of every aspect of automobile industry.


  • New modify and updated screwdrivers include.
  • Fit for professional mechanics.
  • Ratcheting action is precise and compact.


  • Case casing is tight enough to pull out the tools.

Factors to be Consider before Buying a Best Socket Set for Mechanic

There are some most common and essential factors manifested below when you finding the best socket set for you. These will help you to possession a nice, impressive and well-functioning socket set.


Socket sets are available in variety of configuration. There is three way to classified socket sizes such as Metric, SAE, and Whitworth. Here talk about these kinds and you will understand better which one work best for you.


Metric sockets are measured in millimeter while SAE is measured in inches. When older and domestic vehicle used SAE sockets, most modern vehicles used this metric system sockets.


Whit-worth socket is very exclusive one and used in British vehicle. This type of socket size also measures in inches. However, these reflect the size of bolts shaft. In that reason, a 5/8” Whit-worth sockets will be larger than a 5/8” SAE sockets.

  • POINT:

A socket point reflects the shape of the socket. Usually, it may have 6 points and 12 points these are the standard shape. Previously 8 points are common because of ubiquity of square bolts and screw heads. Out of these two 6 points is stronger when 12 points are convenient to use. The 6-point shape matches up exactly to a bolt or screw head while 12 points will match up with any 12 points.


A socket set with available drive size it is very important. There are three different sizes drive available both matric and SAE sockets. These are 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch, and 1/2 inch. To reach the smaller nuts and bolts the smaller 1/4 inch drive size used in the meantime 1/2 inch are ideal for fasteners. Especially, if you have ⅜-inch drive size then it will cover majority of the socket sets to use. There are also some variation ¾ and 1” inch frequent now. Moreover, you need to remember that the drive sizes are imperial measurement.

  • GRIP:

The handles also need to look carefully when buying a socket set. Actually, handles support you to do the work with the socket set. Whenever you hold your handle, it should not be move and grip should be steady & tight. Make sure you grip firmly of the handles and make working effectively.


Do you need a socket that attaches nut on the top of the bolt then deep socket is one. Deep socket is used to attaching bolt at the long end to fit it well around the nuts. If you have deep socket then it can solve this type of situation.

The spark plug is one kind of deep socket, which is recommended highly by DIY lovers. With the help of this deep socket, reach the bottom spark plug. In addition, a small rubber piece inside will protect spark plug from any kind of damage.


Impact sockets are designed for impact drivers. It is able to deliver more high torque than ordinary driver and wrench. The tougher construction of impact sockets can survive with this power tool. For mechanic person, it’s very common and required socket. But if are a handy man and want to extend your tool box then you make more sense to buy this crucial piece.

What makes a Best Socket Set for Mechanic?

There are large aspects that made the best socket set for mechanic. Professional mechanics skills level and their choice of tools play an important role. Actually, they depend on their tools, quality, durability, without worrying about its breaking. For some mechanic, their tools mean their fortune to some extent. When we choose the socket set that may offer nothing but with the best experience. Consider the following,


Torque is the feature that allows your bolt to in and out with. If the torque is not a high rating one then your tools can break down, receive damage, warp and be unable to bolts free or tighten properly. Once the bolt has screwed, it is very difficult to remove. Especially, they have been outside to weather.

Corrosion Resistance

One of the great features of socket set is corrosion resistance or anti- corrosion material. The tools need to replace if they have rust on them. We do not always ensure the work area condition are going to dry and tools are not contacted with a liquid such as oil, glycerin. Therefore, having a coating of corrosion resistance protect the socket set from rust and provide a long lasting life.

Convenient Case

A case is an essential element for any quality of tool set. When you are handing a number of tools, is very difficult without a reliable and handy case. Most socket sets come with a carrying case that helps you to travel with your tools. The tools set not only provide a compact carrying case as well as an organizer to keep up your tools properly. In most cases, tools have kept precisely with a labeling so that it is easy to find the right size when you need it.

Final Words

Concisely a mechanic tool set comes with a handy and the best way to go if you are faced small or large project. The best socket set for mechanic is very necessary for everyone who prefers working at home or paying someone to do in shop. They offer you safety, efficiency, durability and strength when you handle it in various tasks. Not only that they also come with a convenient case that makes it easy to store and carry the tools. A small mechanic tool set also come in different number, measurements and suitable sizes for different tasks that you need to keep in mind. This article will guide you with different set, their pros, and cons, which will help you to make the right choice.

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