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Best Socket Organizer Reviews 2020

best socket organizerbest socket organizer

When the question  comes to the safety of your tools, you don’t want to settle for random willy-nilly drawers or low-quality storage options. Practical experience assures that your tools get scatted or lost. So, you have no option the finest one. Something that keeps your tools organizes and ready whenever you need them. To make it simpler, you need to play with best socket organizer.

But how to know which socket organizer is the expert one?Don’t torture yourself for this !If you are not sure  which one is the  right pick,let’s dive together for hunting the expert organizer out of the crowd. We’ll help you to make an inform decision which will be provided with the best value for your money.

What is a Socket Organizer?

Do you really know what a socket organizer is? Do you really require one? Is it not being only an extra spending? Can’t you store your sockets in a random drawer?

From the connotation of the name, it’s a handy tool which can be used for arranging the sockets. Keeping the sockets in a random drawer is not a good idea as you are likely to lose them. In the meantime, you have wasted your time and energy also for searching them. Best way to store sockets is just kept it in a socket organizer. All you need the best socket organizer you can find. One that fulfills all your desires without being expensive or taking up space. They have come in a variety of sizes and styles and the wide range of features. However, to be an owner of an organizer will minimize the possibilities that you will lose your sockets!

In this comparison table, you can get a clear idea of how socket organizers are different from each other. We will look into an explicit illustration of each product in the reviews.

9 Best  Socket Organizer List In 2020

Here, we will run-through of some of the best models and brands available in the market. In the meantime, we also go through their salient features as well as few of their pros and cons.

1. Hansen Global 92000 SAE & Metric Socket Storage Trays

Hansen Global 92000 SAE & Metric Socket Storage Trays

Our first pick for best socket organizer is from one of the very reputed brand Hansen Global. This 92000 SAE and Matric socket storage tray is the great choice for those who are loved to store sockets. Its solid and affordable quality is worked as they should and lots of nifty features create a great impact on how to store your tools. In short, it’s called the king of socket organizer.

Heavy Duty Construction

This six-piece set of socket tray is made of high caliber ABS plastic which is especially resistance to oil smudges and grease. While something is known to happen, to protect the trays and increase longevity–these elements keep chemicals away from eating at your trays.


Another great quality that this tray has to offer is security. The base of the socket post has been “beefed up” with an additional thick plastic. That means, this really holds your sockets in their right place and protects them from falling out even if you knock the tray or drop it. Moreover, these six railings become an investment that will differently go for many years without the need to get another one.

Easy Identification

The 92000 socket organizer tray comes with not 1 or 2 rather 6 counts of trays. Each tray is different and holds various specific size sockets. One great thing about this tray is it can hold 2 of each size sockets. This storage tray consists of 6 different trays such as ½ inch SAE and ½ inch matric; ¼ inch SAE and ¼ inch matric; 3/8 inch SAE and 3/8 inch matric. However, each post is label a particular socket size which helps you to find the desirer tools easily and saves your valuable time.


  • Labelling makes the identification easy
  • 6 tray capability
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Made from durable ABS plastic
  • Easy access tray
  • Durable and clean.
  • Can be store 2 of each size


  • The packaging doesn’t come with any foam
  • Versatility could be improved
  • Sturdy but flimsy posts

Over and above, Hansen Global 92000 organizer tray looks great, safe, affordable and most importantly trustworthy. It will save you from any hassle and can stand up even in brutal work conditions.

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2. Olsa Tools Aluminum Sockets Organizer 3 Piece Kit- Red

Olsa Tools Aluminum Sockets Organizer 3 Piece Kit- Red

Next up, we have the 3 Piece Kit Aluminium Sockets Organizers from Olsa Tools. It’s an extremely high-quality organiser and most efficient choice for people who need to carry out their sockets most of the times. Alike other opportunities, Olsa provides stylish in the meantime versatile mechanism to showcase their socket in an orderly yet retrieve way.

Secure Design

This six-piece set of socket tray is made of high caliber ABS plastic which is especially resistance to oil smudges and grease. While something is known to happen, to protect the trays and increase longevity–these elements keep chemicals away from eating at your trays.

Generous Capacity

When it comes to its storage quality, this can be afascinating choice for any users. This set comes with threes rails fabricates with aluminium. Each of these rails can hold 16 sockets of the corresponding size which gives you total 48 sockets–a true space saver. You can store ½, 1/4, and 3/8 inch drive sockets which is a fundamental and widely used socket. Moreover, this rail is more durable than other organiser and making it a sound investment.

Easy to Use

As far concerning the easy to use a feature, Olsa tool organizers have keyhole slots on each end. These slots allow you to easily hang the rails on a wall or from a pegboard. These do quite well in laying flat. As these are sturdy enough not to easily bow upward or warp like a cheap metal sheet version.Moreover, the coating of the tool is decent enough and will definitely inhibit moisture based corrosion.


  • Easy to mount
  • Well-designed rails
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Has keyhole slot for enable drilling
  • Easy to adjust clips


  • Some customers find that the rails are too thin
  • No labelling or sizing options
  • Sturdy but flimsy posts

At the end, Olsa tools are recommended for anyone who has an expensive tool collection and wants to display them. Furthermore, this would be perfect for any garage or commercial work where the central focus is necessary for important tools like a socket.

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3. MLTOOLS Twist Lock Socket Organizer–90 Socket Holders

MLTOOLS Twist Lock Socket Organizer–90 Socket Holders

this list, MLTOOLS Twist Lock Socket Organizer is the first set to come in a vibrant color other than black. The six individual socket rails of this set can be interchanged to fit your preferences. At the same time, both flexibility and security will focus on this organiser set. Nevertheless, this will be a useful identification set in which you are able to know which holder you might need.


If you prefer to modify storage, this organiser set is perfect for you because each individual rails can be customized as per your storage needs. Not only the socket rails but also the clips can be customised to suit your choice. For more customization, the socket clips can change their place in the rail.While restyle your equipment’s, you simply trade red and blue colors, extension holder and add ratchets to the rail or switch the driver with various sizes. Moreover, this set comes with amazing ID stickers to label your socket sizes– is much like your own creation.

Easy Tool Transport Twist-Lock is a versatile feature of this organiser set. It can hold your clips all together even in upside–down position. These socket holders have been made with end stop and through it has enlarged enough space for your tools. For more safety, once the rails are clasped in the tray they can only be opened by simply pressing a button.As this has easy–to–grab handles on each side, so being on–the–go won’t be a problem for this set. You will for sure avoid losing your tools while travelling with this organiser.

Design of Clips

Different socket clips come to accommodate different sizes of socket drives. The MLTOOLS holds 45 sockets each, 15 clips each for 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 inch drive sockets.With this twist-lock design, you can easily secure your tools whenever you prefer because they tightly hold your tools.


  • Hold up to 90 sockets
  • Comes with ID stickers
  • Twist-lock ensure your tools security
  • Has a tray and track in one
  • Innovative and versatile


  • A bit flimsy
  • Customers find that some deep sockets might not fit.

In short, for a busy craftsman who is looking forward to adding or customising the storage system, the MLTOOLS is a great recommendation.

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4. Ernst Manufacturing Socket Organizer– Boss 3 Rail Multi-Drive

Ernst Manufacturing Socket Organizer– Boss 3 Rail Multi-Drive

And next, we have come up with Socket Boss-3 Multi Rail Drive Socket Organizer from Ernst Manufacturing. As it designed to be easily carried while travelling or stored in a work area, makes it animpressive choice for any handyman or DIY workers. To keep your sockets secure and safe, this would be your ultimate choice for your tools. Otherwise, you will get fumbling around, finding your desired size.

Extremely VersatileThe Socket Boss–3 allows you to configure the settings in various ways. You can be loaded the full 13-inch length rail of this set as astore-room of sockets. Alternatively, it offers you to add or switch single rail as your preferred customization. The set also comes with ID stickers so you can find the right tools that you need for the specific job.Actually, the options are unlimited and giving you the flexibility to make the most out of this socket organizer.Utmost Security and SafetyTwist–Lock clips feature ensures that the tools are in place no matter where you go or place it in the workspace. Unlike other socket organisers, this one uses special “Twist–Lock” mechanism that makes the sockets near impossible to jostled around or lost. The sockets are tightly and steadily secure in place even in upside–down position. Moreover, without a simple press of a button, the rails are not unlocked–as an indication of a supreme security.

Complete OrganiserErnst socket set comes with a complete package such as socket tray, socket clips and universal socket rails-3. These 3 rails can hold 40 clips, 15 for 1/4–inch; 11 for 1/2-inch and 14 for 3/8-inch sockets.Furthermore, this is a compact size set that can almost fit any places without consuming much space.


  • Available in different color
  • Versatile and durable rails and posts
  • Includes socket tray
  • Twist-Lock technology ensure sockets safety
  • Lightweight and compact


  • The plastic does not look heavy duty one

All in all, the organiser provides both safety and control. You can use store the sockets as the way you wants.In short, this one definitely the best socket organizer for money.

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5. Grip 6 pc Socket Organizer Tray Set

Grip 6 pc Socket Organizer Tray Set

The Grip is another affordable socket organizer to keep your tools organized and eliminates the unnecessary clutter. This organizer set is the better one that this brand has today. As it does not offer lots of bell and whistle but it completes the work done for minimal expense. Moreover, it not only keeps your equipment organized but also makes it get-at-able for easy selection.


Grip socket organizer comes with 6 piece holder which consists of a durable and solidly moulded plastic tray. In this tray, you can store a wide range of sockets including deep and shallow sockets. With all the familiar sizes like 1/2, 1/4 and 3/8 for SAE & MM, other sizes you probably don’t use much are easily supported in the set.Though the organizer does not offer generous capacity, it also doesn’t take much space. The low profile organizer means the little height of the organizer will fit nicely within the 3-inch high drawer. However, this feature makes it an optimal choice for workers with little free space.

Easy Identification

As the organizer store consists of hex upwards, making it easier to select sockets in a pinch. The holders have labels of white letters on the spine, making it simple to distinguish the standard and deep sockets.Even the trays have color code and sizes which make it easy to determine whether you select the right drive or not.

Easy to Use

While it talks about easy to use quality, this organizer is the ultimate choice for anyone. Compare to the other socket sets this one is easier to use and maintain.In case of mounting, this organizer doesn’t have this feature. Rather it more designed for horizontal use.


  • Durable plastic tray
  • Color coding makes socket identification easy
  • Place the sockets securely
  • Great for money
  • Generous capacity


  • Can’t mount on the wall
  • Need more improvement in hook hanger design

In short, the organizer is not a great looking set but its capacity is just excellent. If you need a set for your wide range of sockets, this is the socket holder what you are looking for.

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6. ARES 70236 1/2″ SAE Magnetic Socket Holder–16 piece

ARES 70236 1/2″ SAE Magnetic Socket Holder–16 piece

The ARES magnetic socket holder is a dream organizer set for people who like their trays next to their reach. Its simplicity and effectiveness quality will allow you to find the desired tool easily. Especially when you consider the value, it’s in very affordable range. Even, for people who work in a static environment, this holder will reduce your worry of losing sockets.


As the tray is built for ½-inch SAE drive socket and it accommodates both deep and shallow sizes. The SAE size range includes 3/8”, 7/16”, ½”, 9/16”, 5/8”, 11/16”, ¾”, 13/16”, 7/8”, 15/16”, 1”, 1- 1/16”, 1- 1/8”, 1- 3/16” and 1- 1/4″.The organizer set is not only designed to hold ½-inch 15 SAE sockets but also a ½-inch 1 drive adapter. To hold the sockets in place and allows you to stay the set on top of another metal like a workbench or tool chest, the bottom of the surface is magnetized.

Secure Design

Another cool feature of this organizer is security. Unlike other magnet products out there, this comes with heavy-duty plastic and powerful magnets. The plastic is well moulded and durable, and base of it is magnetized. That means, your sockets can stay secure and in place through shuffling or every day moving and can easily nest in the toolbox.Even it also comprised of the rubberised bottom so nothing will rub together. And it’s a great quality which protects the tray from damaging.

Space Saver

Fortunately, the ARES 70236 is a great convenient tool organizer. The shell is fifteen inches long, four inches wide and almost little over one inch tall. That means it’s an excellent space saver and can easily fit into the top drawer of a toolbox. With that customer loves its portability and easy use organization quality for their most used tools.


  • Magnetized base
  • Durable and compact
  • Accept both deep and shallow sockets
  • Conserving space
  • Rubberized bottom helps to protect both surface and sockets


  • Not available all sizes
  • Some users find that the sockets may not hold tightly.

Overall, Ares70236 is a quite easy recommendation for any worker who needs a nice holder for their sockets.Its magnetic base feature can hold the sockets in place for security and safety.

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7. ARES 70087 Aluminum Socket Organizer–3-Piece

ARES 70087 Aluminum Socket Organizer–3-Piece

ARES 3-piece socket organizer offers an excellent value for money. It comes in the form of 3 rails made out of aluminium. Each strap can hold a maximum number of 16 sockets that is flimsy enough. Moreover, portability is a great feature of this simple kit that’s why it’s a useful choice for any worker who needs to carry their toolsets often and often.


This is a multi-drive organizer for ½-inch, ¼-inch and 3/8-inch sockets. This kit can hold a maximum number of 48 sockets and save spaces while optimizing the set.Even it also available in various style and color, making it easy to customize your socket set needs. And at an affordable range, this unit comes with ½-inch, ¼-inch and 3/8-inch drive.

High-Quality Construction

Actually, the rails are sturdy enough and can’t break in the nearest future. It’s mainly because of the quality and functionality of the materials that used in the constructions. Each of the rails is fabricated with aluminium which indicates the highest durability. Not only has that it resisted organizer from damage and deterioration much better than a plastic organizer.Moreover, this heavy construction will reduce your hassle because of rails break. In that sense, it helps you to save both time and money.

Interchangeable Quality

In this set ½-inch, ¼-inch and 3/8-inch clips are available. Each clip holds the sockets securely in place with spring loaded ball bearing. That means it’s adding more security of the sockets.If you want to change the place of ¼-inch with ½-inch, you can easily do that. Because of the interchangeable options, you are able to change the position of clips as per your preference. In short, this amazing option will allow you to mix and match as you need.


  • Interchangeable capacity
  • Well-made and attractive
  • Fit nicely in toolbox drawer
  • Space saver design
  • Premium aluminium construction


  • Not offers variety of color
  • No size ID

All in all, this ARES 70087 Aluminum Socket Organizer is an excellent set for any workers who are looking for reliable and quick access to their tools.And we are sure enough it will treat you well for a long time.

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8. Lisle 40200 Magnetic Socket Holder- Red

Lisle 40200 Magnetic Socket Holder- Red

In our list, Lisle 40200 is a tab bit set which makes it different from our usual picks. This magnetic socket holder from Lisle is ideal for people who are searching for an organizer for a single size socket. Moreover, it was designed in a way you will have an easy time finding which one you need.

Compartment Capacity

The Lisle 40200 comes with 28 compartments that enable you to hold only 3/8-inch drive sockets in it. Completely individual 14 sockets can store in separate compartments on each side. The nice part of this set is that it can hold both deep and standard sockets with ease.At the end of each compartment are open to help you to navigate and identify the sizes at a glance. Moreover, in the compartments, heavy-duty magnets are used to secure the sockets in place.

Proficient Mechanism

Actually to hold the sockets to the tray manufactures use magnets in it. It’s a similar mechanism to secure the sockets to the trays to the steel surface. And the magnets are used in the construction of this set is very powerful. But removing the socket from the organizer is not as hard as you would expect.If you store the organizer in the upside down position, you will even feel the easier time to reading and be removing the sockets.

Quality Construction

The holder is made of high-quality ABS plastic which is an excellent quality material. You will be able to use this for an extended period of time. Therefore you also love to own this product for a long period.


  • Low profile organizers can easily fit into drawer
  • Magnet works well
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Offers plenty of designs
  • Deep and standard sockets


  • One customer said that sockets fall off when they held vertically.
  • Bulky enough.

Over and above, Lisle 40200 Magnetic Socket Holder is truly a unique one from our previous pick because it has a magnet inside in its body. And this organizer is highly recommended for any static users.

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9. Mechanics Time Saver MTSLASTRAY Lock a Socket Tray– 5 Row, 76 Sockets

Mechanics Time Saver MTSLASTRAY Lock a Socket Tray– 5 Row, 76 Sockets

We want to enclose our final pick for the best socket organizer by reviewing one that would be an absolute choice for the people who are looking for a heavy-duty organizer with significant storage capacity. In that case, one socket organizer from Time Saver Mechanics is enabling to chase your dream and deserves your attention!

Ample Storage Space

This amazing socket organizer has a 5-row tray that can hold 76 sockets at once. That means, 5 strip of rails in a wide tray. You have available slots for 1/2-inch, 3/8-inch and 1/4-inch drive sockets.You will get 14 clips individually for both 1/2-inch and 3/8-inch sockets; and 20 clips for ¼ -inch sockets.


One of the positive sides that create endearment among the customers is durability and storage capacity. As the socket tray is built from powder-coated steel which indicates its sturdiness. Therefore, it makes the organizer body heavier.Inside of the tray is made with rubber feet to create a smooth surface. It’s also used for secure placement of the sockets. Moreover, the overall construction is well-crafted for long-term use.

Tightly and Firmly Secure

In terms of security, the timesaver organizer set doing a good job to please their customers. They build their surface with rubber feet which ensure secure placement. Even, it’s also free you from worrying to shift or move the set in the middle of the project.In each post length or height is 2 inch. Twist and lock mechanism is using where you insert the sockets into the posts, just simply twist it and it locks tightly in its place smoothly. Last but not the least, swivelling handles are featuring on each side that means it can easily carry in whenever you go.So, no need to tense about losing your sockets because your equipment is not going anywhere- thanks to timesaver organizer.


  • Sturdy powder-coated tray for long-term quality
  • Generous storage capacity
  • Holds up to 76 sockets
  • Secure and safe for transport
  • Rubber feet
  • Swivelling handles on both side


  • Bit weighty set
  • Not designed for impact wrenches

All in all, this Mechanics Time Saver MTSLASTRAY Lock a Socket Tray can be recommended to someone who has a huge range of sockets and anopen workspace. While the 76 socketstake some serious space and it also holds the sockets securely enough not to slip inside the toolbox and easy transport.

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Best Socket Organizer – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Why You Need a Socket Organizer?

If you are associated with any type of auto or home repair or construction, you will understand the importance to have the best organizer for several reasons.

  • As an organizer comes in handy, so it can store your sockets in a well-organized manner even your number is huge.
  • If you have more sockets, with an organizer set you can arrange the sockets neatly. So that while you need them you can find them quickly.
  • In an organizer identification code is attached to it. With help of this, it is easy to identify sockets by size and pick the desired one you need in particular task.
  • Not having a clear plan means you are likely to lose your sockets. But as long as they are on organizer rail, you won’t need to tense about your sockets.
  • Actually, these rails can lessen toolbox chaos. That means you will know the exact placement of each individual sockets and can keep track of all your tools.
  • In a way, organizer helps to make your workplace neat and clean.
  • An organizer is not a blissful thing for just a DIY lover but also those who has a pile of sockets. So don’t waste your time, get a dedicated organizer for your tools.

Essential Things to Consider

Though, it’s very hard to evaluate the options for best socket organizer. In this segment, we will identify some of the vital things that should be given a careful thought.


Many of you may be convinced to choose one product only because it comes with a low price point. This is something that can be proved as a wrong decision. Because at the end of the day, you will see this is a valuable investment. Of course, costs may vary product to product. So, you need to consider your price range and narrow down your search to find what you can afford. Therefore, you should not hesitate to spend for such product that can provide exceptional quality.


You need to consider how much sockets the holder can able to hold. Consider your personal collection and how many you desire to buy.

If you are a professional, you need to invest in one that can hold a wide range of tools. On the other hand, for just a DIYer, probably a good compact socket holder will be enough for you. One thing keeps in mind, that the storage sizes of these organizers can be increased.


If you want to excellent bang for the buck, you should choose the one that is tough and sturdy enough. Need to look for high-quality materials that can ensure its ability to withstand a long course of time. For that plastic is highly recommended as it less prone to become rust.


Usually, most of the socket holders are compact but high capacity holders will be larger. It can be heavy and bulky. If you are not carrying the organizer to anywhere then the size and shapemight not be a concern, but else look for something lightweight and small. It can also be able to fit inside the toolbox easily.

Ability to Hold Sockets

One of the important things to consider is the holding mechanism of the organizer. This means organizer must hold the sockets tightly and firmly in their right place. In case of some models, sockets are easily displaced from their position because of the poor design. So, it’s important to secure the sockets if you move the organizer.


Some organizer comes with convenient features that can easily mount on the wall or workbench. It provides more security and assures you not to lose any sockets.

To keep sockets in order, you need to consider holder with magnetic properties. You can easily add or remove the sockets from the strips.

Lastly, the metal clips are also used to fit the drivers into the opening outlet. In case of few sockets, this setup will be helpful to keep the sockets in place.

Color Code

Generally, many organize set owners prefer to have a different color for their each socket sizes. In this situation, both the MLTools and Ernst have your options to color coordinate your socket. On the other hand, both Timesaver and Ares come in a basic color code like black and red. With help of this color code, you can customize your sockets sizes arrangement.


In this case, we are looking to the versatile ways of using a socket organizer that offers you some kind of comfort. It can be in the form of removing, adding new sockets or new strips, color, labelling, and mounting ability etc.


Last but not the least things you should do are to consider the people’s opinion share in the online. You can also ask your friends who have brought a socket organizer before. As a result, their experiences will help you to narrow down your possibilities.

Different Types of Socket Organizer

As there are various types of socket organizer but the following types you can find in the current market:

Rail System

In this system, organizers use posts or strips of clips. They usually can divide its own. The clips will be the ones to holding the sockets in place. It’s easy to maintain and clean and has generous storage capacity. Even, the strips are normally detachable and capable to mix and match for many times. However, the problem is that it might require installation which can be expensive. Rather all, this rail system is a very popular choice among the users.

Tray Organizer

One of the best and oldest types of organizer comes in a tray style. It arranges the sockets in an efficient way in which you can find them easily. Not only that, the tray organizer might be the best one to arrange your sockets in a more specific manner. Even, the tray can easily fit inside the compact toolboxes.

Magnetic Holder

If you are looking for a budget-friendly alternative, then this one might be the perfect option for you. In this magnetic holder, some are pre-drilled and some are a flat bar. While pre-drilled ensure the exact placement of a socket, on the other hand, flat bar can attach any magnetic surface. Moreover, this system requires needing more maintenance.

Pouch Organizer

This is versatile, easily portable and can available in various designs. Its simple features are not requiring any installation. But one problem is that it does not offer much organization features what you can find in other types. In short, this tiny and portable organizer might be like your friend.

Drawer Insert

This system is more or less similar to tray organizer. They are available in different types of padded foam, plastic and metal. This tends to be large and bulky and has a high capacity to hold a wide array of sockets.

Maintenance and Cleaning of Socket Organizer

  • From time to time you need to make sure the cleaning part of the socket organizer. Especially when you use tray and drawer insertholders because it tends to gather more debris and gunk.
  • Do not use water or any kind of liquid to clean it or even let not accumulate this inside your tool holder.Because there are some narrow opening spaces which are very difficult to clean.Even by chance allowing water to sit therecan produce nasty odour as well as invite gross to build-up.
  • Once in a while, try to provide power wash to your organizer under a running water hose or can wipe with damp cloth.
  • Use a paintbrush or toothbrush toclean any loose debris from all the crevices and nooks of your organizer.
  • If your organizer jiggles or shakes a lot, then you can try sticking on somefoam pads or sticky rubber on each side.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

  • Is there any difference between press-lock and twist-lock posts?

Actually, both press and twist locktechniques serving the same purpose of making grips. Despite that, there is a slight difference in their way of work.

In twist-lock clips, you need to insert the socket and twist it in clockwise. That means you need to twist it at 90 degrees to lock it in the right place. Whereasin press-lock you just simply keep the socket inside in the post, that’s it.

  • How can I fix my socket from getting a stick on the clips?

To fix it applies thesmallest coat of coconut oil onto the posts and viola. No more sockets will stick in it anymore.

  • Is it possible to purchase an organizer tray separately?

Yes, of course. You can buy a tray or rail to store forspecific types of sockets. But for lots of sockets, you should buy several rails or trays.

  • Can the organizer holder hold impact sockets?

Usually, the organizers havediverse capabilities but most can hold the impact drivers. Actually which set design in a way to hold it can.

  • How can I take off my organizer handles while placing them in the drawer?

Most of the time organizers come withswivelhandles. You just fold them inside and under the tray or can simply fold it upwards position.

  • If the rails are too long, can I cut it in half? Where can I get extra rubber end?

Yes, you can. You can cut the length you want. If they made with aluminum, you cut them and rubber end come off so you can reuse them. In case of other materials, it won’t be happen.

In that situation, you can purchase the end cap separately from the organizer manufactures.

  • Are the socket organizers made in the US?

Not really. These holders are made in different countries. In that, many of them made in the US but others are in Taiwan China and other countries.

Final Verdict

Socket organizers are widely used by DIY enthusiast even those who are not into DIY and end up with more than a few sockets. For them, an organizer set is an essential accessory in their toolbox. It helps to store the sockets in their proper places, minimizing the likelihood that they will be lost. With the diverse options in the market, however, making the right choice is not as easy as it seems. But our article- best socket organizer comes up with everything you need to know to be able to pick the best ones for yourself. With this consideration, tips are mentioned above and narrow down your choices to the 10 products that we have briefly reviewed.

Hope you find it beneficial and useful. If you pick one product out of these, truly you won’t be disappointed.

Brandon Cooper
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  • The reason of buying these to replace the old snap I have been using for years. The advantage of this magmatic style provides: Easy sockets replacing and removing, Enough magnetic power to hold the sockets tight, Double layered plastic made functional and useful carrying handle.

    Outstanding socket holder along with magnetic base. Durable, well designed and worth for displaying in a shop or storing in a repair situation. Also there is no chance to roll around or losing magnetic power rather the sockets remain strict where they positioned always. I have been dealing with multiple versions of this product more than a few years. They are available with reasonable price with excellent efficiency.

  • Purchasing them I replaced my 90s old metal ones. The way they hold the sockets is much better than those and the aluminum slides allows the clips sliding smoothly on it. They are so smooth and handy that I feel I should throw my others in the recycle bin. Decide to buy more of them since my tool collection got enriched with the new addition of more sockets sets.

  • Adding slide in socket holders on to the rail is really easy and I like it. The way the socket stays on the rail is smooth and eye soothing. The socket is hold tightly yet attaching and detaching is super smooth as there is a affirming snap.

    not going to give a deeper analysis other than the durability ensured with high quality powder coated aluminum and plastic built sockets include long spring-retention. The advantage you got them long is having extra space even after loading them onto the sockets. They are excellent and really worth to invest.

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