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Best Portable Toolbox Reviews 2019

No matter whether you are pro-users, weekend warrior or DIY lovers–truth is we all make a mess around the garage or workshop. Large especially small tools are just finished in an unorganized manner and you spend your valuable time to look for exactly what you need.

In this situation– if you want to work efficiently and safely without irritating delays, your well-organized tools can be your solution. The best techniques you can to do that are via a best portable toolbox.

However, there is a wide range of competition out there for your choice. In this article, we are going to look for Top 10 Best Portable Toolbox in 2019 you can buy. Actually, these are perfect for those who require tools on the move and wish to carry most used tools with them.

5 Best Portable Toolbox Comparison 

ImageNameDimensionsMaterialCheck Price
Keter New Masterloader Plastic Portable Rolling Toolbox When Closed: 24.25” L x 16.34” H x 14.88” W Plastic View Product
DEWALT DWST17806 TSTAK VI Deep Box 17.3 x 11.9 x 13 inches Heavy-duty metal latches and hinges View Product
Cat 26-inch Premium Plastic Portable Tool Box 26 x 10.5 x 10 inches Plastic View Product
Cat 19-Drawer Ball-Bearing Tool Chest and Cabinet Combination, 52" W - Designed, Engineered and Assembled in the USA 52 x 18 x 62 inches Steel View Product

What is a Portable Toolbox ?

A portable toolbox could refer to a box that can carry a few tools to the job location or a huge storage system container to the job site on wheels. Small size portable toolboxes are sometimes called portable tool storage or hand toolbox.

Usually, portable toolboxes have a handle on the top and a lid that can open with the help of hinge or hinges. Even they have a removal tray that sits inside the lip of the box. This tote tray helps to organize smaller accessories and tools in it. Sometimes it uses the cantilever tray or side-out tray instead of removal tote tray.

Typically portable toolboxes are made with power-coater metal or plastic that makes it extremely lightweight. It becomes a great choice for any users who are always on the go. Even it is a perfect tool storage solution for people who keep basic tools on hand or just don’t have enough space in the large toolbox.


For this reason, we have put together Top 10 Best Portable Toolbox Reviews in 2018 in our article. By going through the list you will gain some knowledge to be able to make an informed purchase decision.

Top  Portable Toolbox – Best 10 Reviews

1. Keter New Masterloader Plastic Portable Rolling Toolbox 

Best Ball-bearing Toolbox Ever


Our next top pick for best portable toolbox review, is the inexpensive and sliding plastic toolbox fromKeter. It has gathered many well-pleased fans across the Internet who actually attests to its construction and design quality. Simply, it’s a perfect tradesman storage solution in which they can store both hand and other tools.

Indeed, Master loader interior design is fascinating and eye catchy. Its interior is attached with tool dividers so that the inside of the toolbox can easily separate into compartments. The top storage bin can be used as a house of most used tools. Actually, this area can be glide apart from ball-bearing to disclose the main compartment underneath. In the bottom of the dividers, a large bin can be used to store heavy–duty tools; more rarely or infrequently used tools.

Keter has incorporated the toolbox with convenient handles for excellent transportation. Consumers love this pull out style of handles. Though the sliding quality is very easy but seems very sturdy and rugged enough to last a long run.

Even their robust construction is also shown in the wheels. These are positioning to extend maneuverability and deep trade rubber tires used for better traction.

On top of that, to ensure security a central locking mechanism is also in place. Some users find a downfall regarding this product is the hinges and locks are not durable enough. So that it’s locking mechanism might break easily. Even it might create a big hassle while in transit it falls.


  • Excellent tool dividers
  • Durable and sturdy design
  • Extendable handles for effortless transportation
  • Sliding ball-bearing trays
  • Great value and utility


  • Easily broken lock
  • Latches aren’t good

Bottom Line

Overall,Keter New Masterloader toolbox is definitely a good option for electricians, plumbers, and other home users. As it does not come with unnecessary frills, but with this affordable feature, it comes recommended.

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Best Portable Toolbox– Buyer’s Guide

Types of Portable Toolbox

Toolbox itself is a broad category comes in a wide range of forms. In this portable toolbox is a general type of it. Usually, the portable types of toolboxes come in 3 profiles: hand toolbox, chest and cabinet toolbox, and workstation. All these profiles are technically portable, although they are often used for various purposes. Even, within the same profiles manufactures willdemonstrate different features to meet the desire of varying jobs and professions.

Hand Toolbox

This is the basic type of toolbox that immediately gives a visual image when people say or hear the word. These toolboxes are from 1 to 3 feet in length but their depth and height can vary. Both of their dimensions can rarely go beyond more than 1 foot. Depends on their “opens”, we can often distinguish one hand toolboxes from another. Generally, there are 3 types of hand toolboxes. Such as,

  • Hinge

These toolboxesare comprisedof2or 3 hinge points and allowopening the lid at 180-degree angle.Though this style of toolbox may be very convenient for fast get back tools at the same time it’s the least durable one for opening.

  • Piano Hinge

A similarmechanism is used in the piano hinge, except the feature of opening the entire side. Even it provides significantly more durability andlimits the degree to open the lid.

  • Cantilever

A cantilever hand toolboxes are comes with a unique style of opening. Despite open from a single edge, it allowsopening the toolboxes in the middle.As far as a concern with the beneficial feature, it has numerous shelves which can automatically unfurl as you can open the toolbox. Unfortunately, the main compartment is small in size so it could be better for tools and power drills.

Chest and Cabinet Toolbox

A chest and cabinet toolbox is very similar to the hand toolbox in many aspects. Only the exception is it’s quite large in size. You can easily manage to carry a chest but if it’s fully loaded with power and hand tools will be difficult. A few of these toolboxes are made from aluminium and rarely some pieces are found that made out of metal.Due to the weight of a fully-laden chest is well enough up to 100 pounds. This is the reason they come with wheels to make a transporting system easier.


As many people think, it begins to extend the definitionof a “toolbox”. In fact, a workstation is a far more similar to the tool chest or tool cabinet. Actually, its purpose is far exceeding what you would expect from astandard toolbox.

This type of toolbox will be made out of plastic. Especially, considerthat they can carry even more than a tool chest.Quite often it is used for professional worksite where contractor shared their own tools. However, a workstation will allow you to carry every basic power and hand tools you might need for a given work.

Even the wheels come as handy and make the transportation easier. Without wheels,all of those tools would be incredibly heavy to carry in a single container. Usually, a workstation will have at least 3 main compartments attached with numerous scattered compartments throughout the toolboxes. Sometimes, this style of the toolbox is large enough and would be too bulky to move from one place to another. Eventually, this kind of heavy-duty workstations can prove themselves as the best garage toolbox.


What to look for whilechoosing the Right Portable Toolbox

No matter whether you are a handyman or pro users, one thing we all concerning: tools are valuable. Without giving them a safe home, you are just like throwing your cash for quality tools. Thankfully, toolboxes come in a variety of sizes to fits all business. Maybe you need a small or large storage system that addresses your needs; we’ll help to figure out what is best for you and your tools.


Materials usually justify the fair number of qualities a toolbox have. Ultimately, most essential quality is durability or portability.Actually, the equation is the soundest material is more durable. Although it poses some issues when youare want to balance against portability.Peculiarly, the most viable materials are also weighty while less durable oneis less portable. Eventually, there is no perfect “material” all you have to do choose what you prefer.

  • Aluminum

Aluminum is a popular choice due to its durable and strong features but it also lightweight like plastic. Pure aluminium is however fairly feeble.For this reason, most of the products are made of aluminium alloy in which significant amount of iron is included.

While pure aluminium is highly light, aluminium alloy is not so much. Though this material is logically durable but not as sturdy as steel. Unlike plastic, aluminium is more liable to the hole that can break and crack. Even after enduring minor damages it also allow damage aluminium toolboxesto maintain its functions. Unfortunately, the cost of aluminium alloy is slightly higher than plastic and also expensive than other materials used for made toolboxes. But the positive vibe is they are tending to last longer.

  • Plastic

For home use, a plastic toolbox is an effective, quick and affordable way to keep your tools in your game. It becomes a miracle material to organize your tools in line. Storage capacity can be as significant as durability. Depending on the thickness of this material, a true laden toolbox will warp and bend while it carried. If the plastic toolbox hasremained with this load for along period of time, it is responsible to create a permanent deformation. Not in end here, it will also minimize its forming integrity and make it more difficult to use and close.

Generally, plastic is the most popular choice material used for every variety of toolboxes. However, it is also lightweight and cheapest material, making it more convenient to use than the metal counterpart.

  • Steel

If you are looking for something extra durability, the steel made toolboxes can be your best choice.This material is fairlyheavy duty one. Rather breaking and cracking like plastic, its dents are like aluminum which ensures its durability. Generally, steel is on par with plastic in terms ofless expensive quality than aluminum alloy.Unfortunately, this one is also the heaviest material. Typically its last longer and easy to care quality makes it a good alternative for industrial and professional use.


Most toolboxes will have one large main compartment or only one large compartment.However, some jobs require a wide range of tools in different sizes and shapes. For this reason, most toolboxes are large than a 1 foot and a half or more and some contain more additional compartments. These compartments organize different sizes tools and accessories separately from one another so you can access them quickly and easily.

  • Trays

Thesearethe most common type of component for any hand toolbox. Usually, they sit on the top of the tray and provide protection to the tools. Even, trays can be taken out of the toolbox and ensure flexible transportation with their contents rather having the entire toolbox. On the contrary, trays sometimes may not sit closely and slip its contents into the main compartments.

  • Drawers

Drawers are large enough then all other compartments expect the main one.Even it might be thinking as a bit odd positioning component in the toolbox. Despite that, it’s easierto store tools than trays. However, drawers are directly attached to the toolbox so you can’t remove or transport it on their own. Also, it takes up more room either than organizer and trays. Even that drawer is the best option to accommodate various sizes large and low-profile hand tools.

  • Organizers

Despite organizers narrow features;they are often inevitable component in a toolbox. Their individual sections are large enough to hold actual tools and hand tools. Actually, it’s very common to hold fasteners and diverse parts like bolts, nails, screws,and nuts etc. In this regard, there is no substitute for tools than a solid organizer.


Portable quality usually definesa couple of things–in general, physical dimensions but other factors may come under this. Ultimately, find the trick or treat of right balance so your toolbox can remain portable. In this case, pro users’advice to sacrifice a bit over other functions while homeowners do not require as functional and can focus more on portability.

  • Weight

Generally,a toolbox holds numerous metal tools and accessories so the weight of the toolbox is important to know how portable toolbox is. This concern actually brings us back to the battle of portability and durability. So before buying a toolbox calculate which type of weight will meet your requirements.

  • Size

One of the primary factors is toolbox size which can involve in balancing. It’s become the ultimate reason that greatlyinfluences weight.Large single direction toolboxes will be more unbalanced. Even, rectangular shape and fully loaded toolboxes are liable tobend easily if it’s made out of plastic and has breakoff handles. Moreover, toolbox square shape has its own issue of being bulky also difficult to handle it all together.

  • Wheels

Wheels are booked for toolboxes that are too big to carry by hand. As such tool cabinet and toolchest, falls into this category but those containers often limited in a single station. On the other hand, workstations are also designed to carry a large number of tools and even transport it from one jobsite to other.This style of toolboxes requires wheels even to function it. However, large wheels help to move easily. And wheels on 1 foot on diametersstart to risk of falling down.

Moreover, these wheels also have an advantageous quality which might be overlooked sometimes.Like its help to roll your toolboxes from one place to another and makes it easy to transport your tools. Not finish yet, it also saves yourself from back and shoulder pain because you don’t need to life the heavy toolbox.


Need to care about the price, but not compromise the quality for budget. It’s better to spend a big amount once rather than spending multiple times. However, high price doesn’t mean the high quality. So think about the other factors and choose wisely.

Additional Considerations

Many people love to look some extra features before purchasing a product.Perhaps they try finding different features that can make toolboxes a unique one. Though the features are many, some are discussed below.

Auto Locking Mechanism

Very few toolboxes are comprised of this new auto-locking technology. Itworks much like deadbolt on your front door.Simply just press the knob from unlock to lock and your lid will be securely shut. However, there is no need to buy an extra lock to keep your lid from open.

Telescopic Handles

These handles are designed in a way to roll your toolboxes much easily from one place to another. Usually not every box equipped with this feature. You should check this feature before purchase because it will help you to transport heavy tool.

Padlock Eye

If you don’t find an auto-locking system toolbox, you should look for a locking tab toolbox.Locking tabs are a small one that juts out from the lid and the body of the toolbox. It offers to lock the toolbox in place with a padlock.

In this way, you can secure your toolbox from stealing and prevent stealing the tools inside the toolbox. Even you can keep away your children from getting into the dangerous tools. Moreover, if you used your toolbox for home use only in that case padlock eye is certainly unnecessary.


Advantages of Using Portable Toolbox

There are multiple advantages to having a portable toolbox in your home or shop. If you are a DIY user, you might be fascinatedin having your equipment which helps to do the job on your own. However, the advantage might be come as handy whileyou are being looked for the best portable toolbox. Since there are many benefits, only some of them are highlighted in this guide.

  • Every portable toolbox has a handy lift.So, this could be an absolute help to the people like plumbers and carpenter who delivers door-to-door service.
  • Lightweight and coated with thermos plastic toolboxes are durable enough for home or garage usage.
  • Availability, adequate storage capacity and easy to access is the prime quality of a portable toolbox. It can easily help you when you are in hurry to find a specific tool. Because you know it exactly where it is in your toolbox.
  • Even transport your tools from one jobsite to another in one of the advantagesthat you can’t overlook. Most of the toolboxes are comes with handles and some have wheels to roll tools from place to place.
  • Lastly, keeping things neat and organized is happiness in itself. It provides a hassle-free work at home and allows you to pat yourself after that. With the portable toolbox, you can do every kind of work without being bored.


Cons of Using Portable Toolbox

Always there are a positive and negative aspect related to each and everything. In this way, portable toolbox is no exception. While using this user faces some difficulties that might be considered as cons of a portable toolbox. Such as,

  • Few portable toolboxes might not allow for empirical use. This means they can’t use out in the field.
  • In some cases, toolboxes are weighty enough to carry around.
  • Whether they don’t haveany adequate space for tools and otheraccessories, they might consider as an impractical option for use.
  • Over and above, a portable toolbox should have a plain and simple design so that users can find their desire tool easily when they need.

Best Portable Toolbox Reviews in 2018: Conclusion

Eventually, the best portable toolboxhas mainly relied on the fact what you need to fulfill with it. Most of the toolbox we reviewed isperhaps best for professionals and homeowners also require the same storage space that is portable.While you are on the market to purchase one of these toolboxes, make sure you do a prior research and understand your own individual requirements.

I hope with the best portable toolbox reviews in 2018above mention, you are able to choose your desire one that suits your needs.

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