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Top 10 Best Pipe Wrench Reviews 2020

10 best pipe wrenchs ReviewsTop 10 Best Pipe Wrench Reviews

If you are a man who handles his problems on his own, a pipe wrench is a must-have tool. You cannot take on any plumbing job without this device. This adjustable wrench comes in handy whenever you are dealing with pipes. If you have a plumbing job that has a lot of pipe works, you need the best pipe wrench.

Its teeth can hold on to non-threaded hard pipes when other fixed wrenches would fail. The purpose of this guide is to not only give you our picks for the best pipe wrenches but also to offer you some insight into this ingenious tool.

After reading this article, you should have a clear idea of why you need a pipe wrench also be able to differentiate the right product from the wrong one.

Why Do I Need A Pipe Wrench?

The main job of this tool is to grip a pipe or a fixture so that you can turn it securely. Pipelines, as you already know, can come in various sizes. Sometimes your basic pliers or wrench will not be able to get a good grip on the fixture. That is when a pipe wrench comes into play.

To match different sized pipes; pipe wrenches also come in different sizes. The size of the wrench is usually indicated in the handle of the tool. The size that you need to use depends on the size of the pipe and specific fittings. Apart from that, there are also adjustable wrenches that can offer some flexibility to your use.

Top 10 Best Pipe Wrenches to Buy

Several brands of pipe wrenches exist in the market at a different price range. It can be challenging to understand which product is durable and better than the rest since all of them look the same. For this reason, we bring you this section where we review the 10 best pipe wrenches that you can buy without fear of getting ripped off.    

  • 1. RIDGID 31100 Model 818 Aluminum Straight Pipe Wrench


    Looking for a durable product in the market and returning with an inferior product denotes your waste of money and time. Being a plumber, RIDGID 31100 model plumbing wrench is the right choice.

    If you have a comfortable and suitably structured handle, then half of your problem is solved. This I-beam handle allows you to have a smooth grip on it and excellent control over the tool due to its slightly curved shape at its tail.

    Its minimum weight reduces work stress and helps to maintain a balance with your hand movement preventing sudden slippage. The use of aluminum for the construction of its body ascends its significance.

    Its sturdy and robust configuration ensures its durability. Even if it falls from your hand, you are assured of its sustainability. Its resistive quality enables you to continue your work in any condition.

    As its nut has a polished interior and a smooth exterior, you can effortlessly rotate it. You do not have to waste your time trying hard to adjust the nut in its suitable place.

    Furthermore, its hook jaw has a series of sophisticated threads that are necessary to hold the pipe tightly for the required time and be able to rotate it. You can use it for various types of pipe tasks.

    What We Like

    • Its perfect body structure ensures its durability
    • You can rotate pipes 360, necessary for any work
    • Its non-slippery body prevents accidents
    • The jaws are accurately designed for a firm grip

    What We Don't Like

    • Dust is visible on its body due to its light color.
  • 2. Bahco 141 Universal Pipe Wrench

  • Bahco 141 Universal Pipe Wrench

    Like all other workers, you might also love to finish your task at the earliest and leave for home to relax for a considerable time. It becomes possible only if you have the appropriate tool. Therefore, we recommend you Bahco 141 universal pipe wrench to finish pipe works quickly.

    You will love the jaw structure, which is angled to allow the maximum and comfortable grip of the pipe. This angle holds the whole tube strongly and fits firmly with it. Smooth-shaped and pointed teeth prevent the breakage of plastic or soft pipe, ensuring a non-slippery grip.

    Furthermore, you do not have to buy tools separately for pipes of larger diameters. Its outer jaw has a unique shape for the bigger ones to fit comfortably. Due to the slim tail of the handle, you can grab the whole part of it. While rotating, you can maintain the steadiness of the device and exert the required pressure upon it.

    The black oxide gives the device an authentic look that initiates a professional feeling in a worker. Its polished surface enables a secure and relaxed grip on it.

    Moreover, for a long-lasting assurance, the high alloy steel resists any rust formation. The nut can be effortlessly moved along with the spiral to work with different sized pipes.

    What We Like

    • You can fit the tool in any narrow space due to its slim structure
    • The black oxide enhances its appearance
    • Continuous work is assured as the teeth are sturdy enough
    • Its handle is very comfortable to hold

    What We Don't Like

    • The handle is not coated
  • 3. Bahco 9072 RP US Adjustable/Pipe Wrench Ergo

  • Bahco 9072 RP US Adjustable/Pipe Wrench Ergo

    Undoubtedly, you need specific tools with exceptional features for the maintenance of accuracy while working with pipes. No need to worry anymore as the Bahco 9072 RP is designed with all the necessities, making your work easier.

    Along with an improved version, if its permanence is not confirmed, buying it is a waste. According to your working necessity, it might have to be in frequent contact with water or chemical, resulting in quick rust formation.

    Therefore, the use of phosphate decreases the chance of corrosion, ensuring durability. A black surface is the most admired one besides its ability to hide any spot.

    Moreover, it is about 10 inches long for you to grab the handle according to your comfort. The shape of being wider at the center of the handle allows you to hold upon it and apply the required force strongly. You can have a suitable grip from any working position; its ergonomic structure prevents slipping of the tool.

    Its slim head ensures its access in tight spaces, making task completion faster and easier. Additionally, the jaw structure is robust enough for a secure clasp; therefore, you can effortlessly rotate any pipe or object. Its measurement scale is to maintain precision.

    What We Like

    • Phosphate is used to ensure its anti-corrosive feature
    • You can have a firm grip on the handle
    • It will not get slipped from your hands
    • Jaws' strength allows you to have any working position

    What We Don't Like

    • It is a bit hard to adjust its screw

    4. RIDGID 31110 Model 836 Aluminum Straight Pipe Wrench

    RIDGID 31110 Model 836 Aluminum Straight Pipe Wrench

    If it is too challenging to work with rusted and massive pipes, you can go for RIDGID 31110 Model 836. Its extraordinary traits will make your work a lot easier and faster.

    It is of great advantage if you can use one tool to perform all sorts of the task regarding pipes. This device is very convenient due to its shape, rigidity, and durability.

    As aluminum is the principal element of its construction, you do not have to worry about its strength. Its sturdy structure can endure maximum force to handle challenging situations.

    Additionally, aluminum is responsible for its reduced weight compared to other same-sized products. Its presence inhibits rust formation on its main body and the nut, which is necessary as it has to come in contact with water frequently. This non-stick nut is less likely to get stuck while adjusting the width of the jaw.

    The I-beam handle allows you to have a firm grip on it as it has a slim shape. You can hold it form any place as it has a perfect length. Moreover, the threads can be easily cleaned. With its pointed teeth, you can rotate pipes effortlessly without slippage. If the jaws start losing their sharpness, you can replace those.

    What We Like

    • You can work for a longer time
    • Its sharp teeth make rotations easy
    • The nut can be adjusted without any hassle
    • Due to the handle's suitable shape, you can have a smooth grip

    What We Don't Like

    • The handle could have been rubberized

    5. Tradespro 830914 14-Inch Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench

    Tradespro 830914 14-Inch Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench

    If you are looking for an excellent product, you must ensure whether it is safe to use. No choice can be better than Tradespro 830914 14-Inch Heavy Duty to ensure both your safety and effective working

    While working, there is a high chance of the tool to get slipped if the teeth are not precisely sharped. This product has pointed teeth that make its grip upon the working area firm and secure. You can rotate it 360 for an efficient result.

    Moreover, the shape of the teeth is so accurate that you can use it on the weak-surfaced pipe without damaging it. As the nut is non-stick, you do not have to waste your time while adjusting it.

    You can quickly move it up and down. Its unique coating prevents corrosion, ensuring durability. Moreover, its surface is polished for you to rotate it easily. You can keep the threads clean due to its unique design.

    You can have a comfortable grip of the handle due to its exceptional structure; it will not get slipped. As it is long enough, you can hold according to your comfort. Additionally, your product is constructed of aluminum, which ensures its rigidity and sturdiness. It will not break despite the exertion of maximum pressure.

    What We Like

    • Their exceptional structure prevents accidents
    • The handle is very comfortable to behold
    • You can adjust the nut quickly as it does not get stuck
    • The use of aluminum ensures its durability

    What We Don't Like

    • You might not like the color of it

    6. Ridgid 31000 6" Pipe Wrench

    Ridgid 31000 6

    It is quite frustrating when you fail to select the most suitable product for your task. If you want to be an expert plumber, then you should make the right choice. Rigid 31000 6" Pipe Wrench is designed to make your decision-making easier.

    You have to maintain your time while working. So, it is crucial to have a wrench, which has a fast-floating jaw. It is a massive problem if the jaw gets stuck in the middle.

    This product has a smooth interior, which allows this quick movement and faster adjustment. Therefore, you can control and ensure a firm grip from any working positions.

    Furthermore, its thin head ensures your access to tight and narrow spaces that make work easier. This 6-inch tool is used for a maximum number of different sized pipes. Therefore, as you can utilize it for various tasks, you can save money by not buying several devices. Its length is suitable enough to be placed in any toolbox.

    Additionally, you can fix your hand at any part of the I-beam handle until you are comfortable with the grip. Maintaining a balance becomes more manageable, and your firm control prevents the slippage of the product, keeping you safe.

    Its surface is rust-free, allowing random use. Your nut adjustment is more accessible due to its non-stick quality.

    What We Like

    • You can insert your gadget inside any tiny spaces
    • The jaws can be positioned quickly
    • Its unique structure keeps it grabbed in your hand firmly
    • Its resistive ability makes it durable

    What We Don't Like

    • The nut is a bit smaller than the others

    7. Crescent AT10SPUD 10 5/8" Black Oxide Finish Construction Wrench

    Crescent AT10SPUD 10 5/8

    Isn't it necessary to have a tool that will be your best partner in accomplishing tasks? Crescent AT10SPUD 10 5/8" Construction Wrench is such a tool that is full of all the vital features to imbue the feeling of a professional within you.

    Steel alloy is one of the best elements for durable product construction. Whether at home or construction site, you cannot always protect your device from water or chemical substance.

    Therefore, this alloy prevents damage due to corrosion. It is heat-treated to make it sturdier and more robust, ascending the durability of the gadget. You can perform the most challenging tasks.

    Moreover, phosphate's presence confirms the least rust formation due to its high resistive feature; therefore, it increases the chance of your gadget's permanence. The black coating makes the product alluring and is easily visible in a toolkit.

    Due to its wide jaw, you do not have to worry about handling massive pipes or any other objects; the tension of the spring ensures the stability of the jaw.

    Having a slim head is a great advantage for it to enter into narrow spaces. The most difficult problems can be solved due to its easy accessibility. Additionally, holding it is very comfortable as its tang is thin at the end. The knurl has a polished surface for quicker adjustments.

    What We Like

    • The firm stability of the jaw is maintained by the spring's proper tension
    • You can use it randomly for a considerable amount of time
    • Its phosphate surface prevents rust formation
    • Wider objects can be handled by it, effortlessly

    What We Don't Like

    • It is expensive

    8. Loggerhead BG8-01R-01 Bionic Grip Wrench

    Loggerhead BG8-01R-01 Bionic Grip Wrench

    Among several products, it becomes your only responsibility to pick the most suitable product. To let you quickly select the perfect one without wasting your valuable time, engineers have designed Loggerhead BG8-01R-01 Bionic Grip Wrench.

    A fantastic feature it has is its ability to hold upon any nuts, pipes, or tubes firmly and securely. It has four sharp pointed projections that have enough strength to grab any surface, whether it is slippery or rough.

    As the teeth are perfectly shaped, it will not destroy any soft surface. Moreover, the circular arrangement of these projections covers the whole of any object to grab it tightly.

    Additionally, there is a risk of slipping the tool while rotating any of the objects. This problem is solved by the inclusion of an auto-lock interlock system; you can work being tensed-free.

    You do not have to adjust the width of the jaw manually, wasting your time. Therefore, you can fix this by compressing two handles together. No matter how much pressure you exert on the handles, you will not get hurt as these are rubberized.

    Its rust-free body ensures its durability, enabling you to use chemicals or water if necessary. You can easily predict how this tool works.

    What We Like

    • The sharpness of the teeth prevents sudden slippage
    • A secure grip on any object is easier due to the lock system
    • Its easy accessibility makes task completion faster
    • Its rubberized handles make working comfortable

    What We Don't Like

    • The entry to narrow corners is a bit challenging

    9. Goplus 4pcs Pipe Wrench Set

    Goplus 4pcs Pipe Wrench Set

    Having a pack of four products together is an undeniable fantastic advantage. If you want to save your money and quickly solve tasks smoothly, then be the first to grab Goplus 4pcs Pipe Wrench Set.

    Being able to grab a tool tightly determines your working skills, efficiency, and reduction of the accident rates. It is only possible due to the wrap of plastic on the handle.

    Your sweaty hands can keep the right balance as the plastic coating prevents slippage. Moreover, its whole weight is distributed throughout the tool, and each is very light to be handled.

    Moreover, the design of the I-beam handle is very suitable for a comfortable grip. Its shape is perfect to be entirely within your hand's control, deteriorating working stress. The free-floating hook is vital for easy and quick adjustments; its superior coating protects it from corrosion. Its durability is ensured by the heat-treatment.

    Additionally, the nut has a unique plating to avoid skidding amid task completion. Due to the sharp teeth, possession over pipes or nuts is firm. With tools of four different sizes, you can solve various tasks.

    What We Like

    • Carbon-made teeth are robust and sturdy
    • You can have reasonable control over the handle
    • The jaws are strong enough to hold the objects tightly
    • As it is lightweight, you can work for a longer time

    What We Don't Like

    • It is a bit tough to reset the devices

    10. RIDGID 31035 Model 36 Heavy-Duty Straight Pipe Wrench

    RIDGID 31035 Model 36 Heavy-Duty Straight Pipe Wrench

    Undoubtedly, if you are a professional plumber, you would love to have sturdy tools. Engineers have designed RIDGID 31035 Model 36 Heavy-Duty which is constructed in a way to endure the maximum pressure, being aware of your concern about having durable products.

    Keeping your gadget clean is essential work. You can easily disassemble it and keep each part clean. The coating of anti-corrosive material enables you to either wash these parts with water or any chemicals. Moreover, the steel-made jaws are superior in functionality as its excessive strength helps you to rotate the hardest nuts or pipes.

    Furthermore, you will be amazed by the rigidity of the sharp-edged teeth. Its precise shape enables it to hold objects firmly and securely without destroying the surfaces of soft pipes or tubes.

    Due to the free-floating jaw, you can make rapid adjustments without wasting any time. The interior has a polished and smooth surface to allow this frequent movement.

    The handle is constructed of iron to bear the maximum pressure needed for rotating specific objects. Its strength prevents sudden breakage amid working. The right balance can be maintained due to this particular shape of the I-beam handle. The non-stick rotatory nut does not get stuck quickly.

    What We Like

    • The threads and all other separated parts can be cleaned
    • Strong jaws and teeth prevent accidents due to slippage
    • Width adjustment can be made very fast
    • The handle allows a comfortable grip

    What We Don't Like

    • You might not like the color of the product

    Things to Consider When Buying The Best Pipe Wrench

    The pipelines in your house are not something that you want to take lightly. Pipes that run through the walls of your home, supplying water in every room you need. If it leaks, there is no telling the amount of damage it may cause.

    You might end up having to spend thousands on replacing walls that got damaged due to leaky pipes. Having a simple pipe wrench in your toolbox can save you loads of trouble and can also come in handy in case of emergencies.

    That being said, here are a few things that you should consider when shopping for the best pipe wrench.

    • Size

    Plumbing wrenches come in many different shapes and sizes. If you are a professional, you will likely need a few different ones at your disposal. However, for home use, you can go a bit more specific. The first thing you must figure out is the type of work you will be doing with the wrench.

    That being said, here are a few things that you should consider when shopping for the best pipe wrench.

    It will help you get to the next step, choosing the right size. For an amateur user, wrenches of size 14-18 inches should be sufficient as it can handle most home improvement tasks. However, you might consider investing in a few different sizes if you intend to take the job professionally.

    • Other Specific​​​ations

    Now that you have the size of the unit covered, it is time to look into some other specifications. We will go through different aspects of this tool to give you an idea of what specs you need to keep in mind.

    • Jaw Capacity

    The jaw capacity determines the gripping ability and the strength in a pipe wrench. In most situations, you should be fine with getting a unit with a jaw capacity of 1 to 6 inches.

    • Jaw Adjustment

    Some wrench models come with spring-loaded jaws that let you adjust the capacity of the jaw. It is a highly useful feature as you do not need to worry about getting the exact fit.

    Even if it costs a little extra money, it might be worth the investment. Some models also feature locking systems so that you can fix the wrench when you find the right fit.

    • Head Type

    The head of the unit is an important thing to note as the thinner it is, the easier it is to work in tight spaces. It is pretty common with plumbing jobs and something to consider when choosing a pipe wrench. If your situation forces you to work with awkward angles, you need to get a narrow-headed pipe wrench

    • Engraved Number

    It can be tough to figure out how big of an opening you need in your wrench jaw to fit the pipe. To make the task easier, some tools feature engraved numbers on it. This feature is highly useful as it shows the diameter of the tube that can be grabbed as you move the adjustable nut.


    If you want a durable product that does not break down after a few uses, you need to pay good attention to its material. Buying a pipe made of cheap materials is not that useful in the long run.

    You will most likely be running around trying to find a replacement if it breaks during a crucial moment. Try to go for wrenches that are made with cast, carbon, or forged steel. These materials are incredibly durable and extend the longevity of your product.

    You can find ductile iron made wrenches at a lower price, but they might bend after using it for a particular time. Stainless-steel might be the best value as they have a good balance of cost and durability.

    You should also check the protective coating in the wrenches. If your tool comes with a layer of sandblast or Black Oxide, it is less likely to get rusty.


    There is a total of five different types of plumbers wrench available in the market. They are -

    • End Pipe Wrench: Designed to use with end pipes.
    • Offset Wrench: For using in difficult and awkward angles.
    • Compound Leverage Wrench: Used in seized joints to get additional leverage
    • Strap Wrench: Used for oddly shaped pipes
    • Straight Pipe Wrench: The traditional pipe wrench

    You need to do some in-depth research on the different kinds of wrenches to get a better understanding of their functions. However, if you do not want to spend any time with that, you can usually get away with a straight pipe wrench.

    This type of wrench is the most versatile and can handle most plumbing jobs. In an ideal situation and high budget, you should have one wrench from each variety sitting in your toolbox.

    Ease of Use

    Fixing a leaky pipe is a tiresome job, and you want your wrench to make it easy on you, not the other way around. If the wrench is too heavy or complicated to operate, you will not be able to do the job correctly.

    Get a device that is easy to operate. It might be tempting to go for over-the-top features, but they will not be useful if you cannot handle it well.

    Also, make sure that the teeth of the jaw are sharp and have a good grip. If the teeth are dull, you risk losing your grip, which can cause unwanted hassle or even accidents.

    Handle Grip

    Any tool that you need to use with your hand should come with a comfortable grip. It is especially crucial for pipe wrenches since the work you would be doing is tedious and difficult. If the grip is not satisfactory, you will not have a delightful experience.

    A good quality pipe wrench will always feature a comfortable handle cover. Try to look for anti-slip rubber handles as they provide the most comfort and also the best traction.

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What are the different uses of a pipe wrench?

  • The most common use of a pipe wrench can be found in plumbing. However, this device has many other uses. You can also use this tool in fixing tires on a bicycle or attaching nuts during a furniture assembly. It is also a must-have tool for automobile repairs.

  • 2. What is the difference between a pipe wrench and a monkey wrench?

  • Although the term pipe wrench and monkey wrench are used interchangeably, the two tools are not the same. A pipe wrench is used to tighten or loosen the joints in pipes. Monkey wrenches, on the other hand, work with hexagonal bolts instead of circular pipes.

  • 3. What size of pipe wrench do I need?

  • The size of your required wrench depends on the pipes that you intend to work with. Typically, a wrench of 14-inches is suitable for most home use. However, if you want to build a professional toolbox, you might opt to go for 18-inch wrenches.

    Final Thoughts

    As you can see, there is a lot more to a simple pipe wrench than you might think. Our best pipe wrench review features only high-end products that will offer you excellent value for your money.

    We hope this extensive guide could offer some insight on this handy tool. With our article, you should now be able to find the best device for yourself easily.

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