Best Hand Tool Brands in the USA–Who Gets Your Attention?

Best Hand Tool Brands in the USA–Who Gets Your Attention? 1

Are you a plumber, electrician, DIYer, or tradesman? If any of your answers are YES, this list of best hand tool brands in the USA is for you.

Hand tools are classified into various types of practice. Some of them are sockets and ratchets, some are wrenches, and some others are pliers set as well. No wonder what your desire tool set is you must want it to come from a renowned brand from the USA. And to find out that we have executed this long researched article.

In this content, we will be talking about some popular USA made and non USA made brands, and taking you through some best hand tool brands in USA in that business.

So, stay with us until the end of the article.

Why Look For USA Brands?

Why USA? Why not other brands? These are the questions everyone must have a clear answer for themselves.

For me, USA-made means experienced engineering, a glorious history of perfection that gives a sense of reliability & trust, and of course ensures high quality. Typically, it also means greater availability or easier replacement and faster getting of new tools.

While other brands are also good but they are less behind then the position of USA made. And that is the reason we’re given our prime focused on brands that are from the USA.

If I listed points, here are the core qualities in the USA brands that others don’t have-

  • ​In detail features
  • ​A promise of longevity
  • Great Price

6 Best Hand Tool Brands 2020 Reviews

In this section of the content, we’ll be taking you to the core lists of best hand tool brands in the USA. Meanwhile, we’ve include some other brands which is not USA made. It’s just to show you the difference between USA and non USA made products.  Even though there is no major difference.

As all these brands good in quality, we won’t call it as ascending order. Rather it’s good to say, these brands are arranged based on brand value and popularity.



Proto J4750HTCF 1/4' Drive Flex Head Precision 90 Pear Head Ratchet, 9' Long

Proto industrial tools are best known for wrenches and torque wrenches. Often Proto tools referred to as Stanley Proto and offer a great mix of warranty and durability.

Since their inception, they have been producing the best quality wrenches in the market. Not only are their wrenches well-built rather precisely sized. Even their wrenches come with a digital display that will assure you a better experience. Moreover, their screwdrivers have gained huge popularity as well. So, if you haven’t tried their tools yet, you must do. You can use Proto 9” long ratchet to feel the quality.

Since the 1880s and till now, Proto tools have been made in the USA. However, you won’t find Proto tools in a box shop. Their tools are available in the industry via a network of suppliers and special providers. Currently, they have factories in:

  • ​Dallas, Texas
  • Ohio
  • North Caroline

As per quality demand, it’s better to choose products that are manufacture in the USA only. If you can’t find tools under the Proto brand, you can find it from there sister concern brands. The best sister brands of Proto is the Stanley Black and Decker Umbrella. 

​Pros And Cons  goes here


  • Made in the USA
  • Accurate sizes wrenches
  • ​Well-designed air tools


  • ​Some tools are quite similar to tool truck brand

SK Hand Tools


SK Hand Tools 4048 15-Piece 1/2-Inch Drive 6 Point Deep Metric Impact Socket Set

Unlike most of the other brands that manufacture a wide variety of tools along with hand tools, the SK Hand Tool brand is an exception. It’s a brand that only specializes in hand tools production. Also, it’s a brand that grows outstandingly in terms of quality from its previous level.

 SK hand tools primarily offer socket sets, driver socket, thumb wheel ratchets, and wrenches. The ratchet and socket set they produce is considered one of the best hand tool brands in the market. If you want a beefier then I highly recommend garb this SK ½ inch impact socket set. Meanwhile, if you want an external socket for fasteners, it’s difficult to beat 6 points ½-inch drive set

Most of the people buy from this brand mechanic tools. Simultaneously, van customizers and accessories installer are frequent customers of this SK brands. Quality-wise they are proven and you won’t regret buying tools from the SK brand.


  • ​Made in the USA
  • ​Best producer for socket and ratchet.
  • ​Great as a mid-level option.


  • ​Bit pricy but you can compromise while you get great quality.


DeWalt is one of the best brands for long-term gain and came up with noteworthy designs.

DEWALT Impact Socket Set, SAE, 3/8-Inch, 10-Piece (DW22838)

For many decades, DeWalt has long been a provider of high-quality cordless power tools. Sometimes we forget they make hand tools as well and their quality has been consistently good. A prime example of a DeWalt made hand tool is a 3/8 inch socket driver that can be used in a narrow surrounding where other tools may not fit. Plus, one of the most popular ratchets set is DEWALT 192-piece Mechanics Tool Set.

In 1922, Raymond DeWalt came up with his first woodworking machine. Two years later in 1924, he formed his tool manufacturing company DeWalt. Since 1923, DeWalt began operations with hand tools assembled from different countries. Assembled in the USA, and some parts are made in other countries including Brazil, China, Italy, etc. You can find this company product almost anywhere hardware stores, giant box stores, departmental stores, discount stores, and online too.

 Nearly 100 years of rich history, this company extended its product lineup and made popular products. Now, it’s become the most used brand on construction sites for residential and commercial works.


  • ​Made in the USA.
  • ​Highly demandable brand for commercial and residential works.


  • ​Owned by Black & Decker company.


Kobalt’s passionate performance on tools keeps their head and shoulder above the rest.

Kobalt 63-Piece Standard (SAE) and Metric Polished Chrome Mechanic's Tool Set

Kobalt is an American mechanics’ tool brand owned by famous Lowe’s.  They produce a line of products such as,

  • ​Hand and Mechanics’ tools.
  • ​Power tools.
  • ​Tool storage system.

Kobalt tool launched in 1998 to compete with Husky and craftsman and till now it has been appreciated for its quality. Within their 22 years, this brand focused on getting things complete. For that Kobalt tools designs their products for pro-level performance. For instance Kobalt 3-piece ratchet set. Even they claim that their tools can improve performance as well. And that is the reason it’s very popular among people. 

In2016, Kobalt introduced its schemes to strengthen its durability claim. The NASCAR race can sponsor this brand which helped it to boost its automotive tool sales.


  • ​Mostly made in the USA.
  • ​Budget-friendly tools.


  • ​Some tools outsource from China and Taiwan.


Craftsman tools are designed to enhance your working experience.

Craftsman tools are designed to enhance your working experience.

If you use tools on a regular basis, then you must have surpassed the road with this beauty. Honestly, it’s difficult to find someone who uses tools and doesn’t know Craftsman brand’s name.

 Craftsman is an American tool maker that has delivered technologically advanced and high-quality products. The company is well-known for its durability and reliability that has offered since its beginning.  With a glorious history of 92 years, this brand won the heart of many people around the world. They offer great hand tool sets such as Craftsman 450-piece and 230-piece mechanic tool set.

Now talk about the quality. Once craftsman was known for its superior tool-making quality but with time this perception change. Now, people were searching for innovations. In the year 2017, Sears sold the license of Craftsman. After that Craftsman brings some new changes to their products and people love it.


  • ​Made in the USA.
  • ​Popular among all level of user.


  • ​Owned by Stanley Black & Decker for poor quality.


The long lasting reliability and great value makes Tekton tools immensely popular.

TEKTON 1/4 Inch Drive 6-Point Socket and Ratchet Set, 55-Piece (5/32-9/16 in., 4-14 mm) | SKT05301

Tekton started its journey as a family-oriented company in Michigan. Over 50 years, they have verified its quality in its specific categories. They are one of the best manufacturers of hand operate socket and ratchets, screwdrivers, impact sockets, torque wrenches and pliers. While designing, they chiefly focus on easy maintenance and auto repair professionals.

Tekton tools can deliver precious work performance every time. Their produce socket set will help you complete your work smoothly, especially for people who still change out their sparkplugs.

Although Tekton tools are neither made in the USA and nor very costly. Where they do awesome work is with their quality process.


  • ​Cheaper than most brands.
  • ​Great option for DIY users’


  • ​Mostly made in Taiwan.

Some Other Hand Tool Brands

Here, we have compiled some other tool brands that not made in the USA. These are also some well-renowned brands and prove their quality over the years. Let’s see them,


Being lived up to their expectation and quality makes Stanley brand into the limelight. 

Stanley brand into the limelight

Stanley is a highly-regarded manufacturer in the tool arena for making quality tools that can stand in the test of time. This brand came in light in 1843, and till now they’ve improving their standards and increasing the bar. No wonder their tools are great and meant for professional use. With time, they prove their excellence in what they do and built a good reputation.

Under Richard H. Ayer’s management, who planned aggressive marketing strategies, gather proper knowledge of re-branding, investors, and international trade companies to turn the company into a hand and hardware tool giant. From then to till now, it maintains its position since it merged with Black&Decker in 2010.

Now, Stanley is one of the best hand tool brands in the UK. Their main motto is to increase people and allow them to shine in their performance. However, this brand is a bit pricy than some other brands, but it’s a case of “you get what you paid off” while it comes to strength and reliability. 

Buy Stanley 201-Piece Mechanics Tool Set to enjoy the beauty of this brand.


Innovative and excellence is the top-notch quality of the Bahco brand. 

the top-notch quality of the Bahco brand

Another leading manufacturer within the hand tool industry is Bahco. With 130 years of glorious leading, Bahco is now part of SNA Europe. This international brand believes in “innovation” and its growth graph proves it. Most of its tools are own inventions and all its design & production happen by SNA Europe.

Since the late 1800s from now, this company comes up with brilliant innovative ideas. We thank them wholeheartedly for the adjustable pipe wrench and bi-metal hacksaw among many more.

No wonder the wrench is the tool which really sparked its popularity and now they’ve a wide range of products. Currently, they have produced over 14000 of hand tools means you’re bound to choose something to suit your demands.


Knipex is the most specialized tool brand that pumping out nothing but quality.

Knipex is the most specialized tool brand

Knipex is a German tool manufacturer who specializing in one type of products and that is pliers. Specializing? Yes, you heard rightJ. This brand is among the few that do that in the hand tool industry. Truly, the beauty of the Knipex tool is that they make fabulous pliers at great price points. If you want to see, look at their 10-inch Knipex Diagonal Cutting Plier .

Since the 1950s, Knipex has been begun its journey as a pliers manufacturer. Over the years, they’ve get immensely thrived in making the best quality pliers. They also invented various specialized designs for instance self-locking water pump pliers and tools for aerospace sector.

So, if you want a good pair of pliers to make your work easier, you can buy this brand. However, they cost you more buy won’t complain about the quality.


Offering different types of specializing tools puts Hazet in users’ choice list.

Hazet in users’ choice list

Hazet is another household name in the hand tool industry. For over 150 years of rich experience, the Hazet is a German tool manufacturer that won many users’ hearts around the world.

 They invent diverse types of products to attract specific markets such as automotive, trade, aerospace, and engineering. Currently, this brand manufactures a huge range of products over 5500 in total.

Bottom Line

That’s all about the best hand tool brands in the USA.

Before you go about tool shopping, you need to look at functionality and quality. Different brands are good at producing certain tools but not others hence can be quite confusing.

Here, we’ve looked at some USA made and other brands from very viewpoints and therefore, gathers the best one covered for you. All you need to do is, find out the right brand for your desire product and grab it as soon as possible.

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