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This website is developed and supported by me who has been a passionate lover of power and automotive tools. I dedicate my home improvement projects in both DIY and professional type of person. I am an enthusiast and love to share what I know about this field.
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10 Best Tool Chest Reviews 2019

In which way you want to store your tools? Do you want to drop them in any worn box without maintain any order or just simply leave them in the floor?If your answer is yes, you might be going through...


How to Put Sandpaper on a Palm Sander

A palm sander is used for lightly or disquieting sanding wood that has been wood or painted that has been varnished. You could use the palm sander in between the coats to get an appealing appearance on your wood project....


Safety when using hand tools

Hand tools are much like extended version of our hands. Whenever we wrong use our hands, we feel pain. In a similar way, while we misuse our hand tools, there is a strong possibility of injuring ourselves as well as...

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